United Methodist Women Join Strike for Climate Justice

The United Methodist Women (UMW) are doing their job! Climate Justice was their 2016 spearheaded focus, and now they’re officially backing the 2019 student climate strike. Are they the only mainstream church organization combating the climate emergency?

The Greening – Friday Update

Welcome! You’re reading the very first JoAnnChateau.com “Friday Update.” Expect an end-of-the-week review of our new posts and updates, and other pertinent news and views that surround a particular theme. For instance, this week’s theme is “The Greening.” We’ll look at the week’s green news, as well as some timeless green views. Friday, May 24,Continue reading “The Greening – Friday Update”

285 Progressive Primary Wins, So Far… and More

Today, I aim to fill-in the progressive news gap a wee bit — just enough to banish the political blahs — so that you may enjoy your precious weekend with renewed patriotic faith and vigor..