A Gift-Giving Guide for Progressives, Rebels & Survivalists

Any season, any occasion, is the “most wonderful time of the year” to spread harmony and love. Thoughtful presents are often part of that scene. So, here’s a gift-giving guide — from the progressive point of view. Rebels and survivalists will appreciate it, too.

Whether your gift-giving style is homemade, store bought, or just plain money, this collection of meaningful presents will make any leftist throw a fist in the air. (And, perhaps, even inspire corporate capitalists to ponder true abundance, peace, and goodwill!)

Updated November 22, 2021

Before you start your gift list, you may like to review a few tips:


  • Allégorie Vegan Bags & Wallets are created from cactus, mangos, and apple peels! The company is committed to “ethical and responsible fashion,” including workers’ rights.

Women-owned, independent, and socially responsible, Allégorie is committed to pushing the boundary of sustainable fashion while solving the food waste problem, one fruit at a time.

– Allégorie “About Us” Page
  • Boden Baby Clothes are adorable. All of Boden’s clothing lines are manufactured with sustainability, ethics, and quality in mind. These baby duds are meant to be passed on.
  • Peace Buttons make excellent stocking stuffers, gift decorations, and hat adornments for any progressive on your gift list. Peace Buttons sells “liberal and progressive buttons ONLY.” Union-printed and made in Detroit.
  • REI outdoor gear and apparel are dear to the heart of true leftists. As a worker-owned-and-operated cooperative, REI is a democratic workplace.
  • Troublemakers Union apparel is perfect for the picket line. Purchases support Labor Notes, a publication for union activists.
Women’s raspberry fitted Troublemakers Union t-shirt.
  • Vintage Scarves are fabulous gifts for a planet conscious fashion connoisseur.
  • WoolOvers creates knitwear from natural fibers that lasts and doesn’t go out of style. The company is a member of the Sustainable Fibre Alliance. Give a cozy gift that will be loved for many years.
  • Worn Wear recycles Patagonia’s sustainable outdoor gear and apparel for men and women. Find useful gifts for the consumption-responsible outdoor enthusiast.

Arts & Crafts

  • Make a Rag Rug from old clothing and fabric scraps. It might become an heirloom gift that will be passed down through generations.
  • Knit a Pair of Fingerless Gloves for loved ones living in Cold Country. Fingerless gloves are a quick knitting project, but sure to impress. (Start knitting now! Make several pairs!)



Store Bought

  • Alter Eco Vegan Chocolate Bars range from 60% to 100% dark chocolate. They’re “crafted from organic cacao by farmers who are replanting tropical forests in South America.”
  • The Wonderful Wine is sustainably farmed, low sugar, diet-friendly, vegan, keto, and paleo. Wine-lovers on your gift list will beam! (A review.)


  • The Nation Travel Excursion makes an unforgettable gift, if you have the big bucks. The tours are designed for “adventurous, intellectually curious, and open-minded progressives.” Carbon offsets are included.



  • Mind and Soul Expanding Media make great presents for progressives who love books and films.
  • Thriftbook Used Books make an ideal present for green-conscious bibliophiles. Recycled books are environmentally responsible, and budget-friendly for small book collections.


Sustainable to Survival

And last, but not least, for your…

Very Best Friends

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