Joyous Barks for a Happy New Year

As barksperson for the furry community, I SPEAK! our wish that everyone has a soft, warm (smooth or fluffy) Happy New Year — on January 1, or January 25 if you’re Chinese. And may every human being enjoy steadfast canine companionship throughout the coming year!

In 2020, allow more love, more peace, and more green on this Good Planet. If you’re unsure how, let dogs lead the way!

Let dogs lead the way — to save Winter, and to get somewhere!

2019 Is Nearly Over

First, the best news ever: 2019 is nearly over.

Another year went by without the stabilizing presence of a First Dog in The White House. Look what happened: President Tucker Frump got himself impeached! (The U.S. House should have turned him into a lemon, instead. But Nancy Pelosi is too nice, says Hugo.)

Hugo Pelosi is prepared to SPEAK! at the table.

Then, experts admitted they made mistakes — repeatedly. Climate scientists told us (about forty-six-hundred times in 2019) that the impact of climate change will be worse than they previously thought. Finally, someone called the situation what it really is: Climate Emergency. Teenagers had to take over.

Greta Thunberg, teen climate activist, flanked by steadfast DOGS.

Meanwhile, something is happening in Britain. Something called Brexit. Nobody asked for the canine opinion. The outcome? Peacenik Jeremy Corbyn lost the 2019 UK election. Sad news for canine consciousness: L-O-V-E.

Voter suppression: the UK does not actually allow dogs to vote.

2020 Just Ahead

Second, we hope that 2020 is the returning point — back to sanity. Bernie Sanders is running for U.S. President, again. His election would make 2020 amazing.

Bernie and I go way back. I was young, about one or two, when I met Bernie over Internet TV. Bernie was as old as he is today: Old! Yet his constant aim is to improve the world for younger generations. Bernie is humankind’s Wisest Alpha.

But a lot of old voters don’t get it.

Many oldsters will cast their last vote in 2020. According to BIG DOG’s plan, dead people may no longer thwart the hopeful visions of youth. So, why shouldn’t elderly voters give-in a teeny bit sooner?!?!? Old guy Michael Moore recently put it this way…

I say to adults my age, maybe we owe it to the young people. Because we were supposed to leave them a better country. We were supposed to leave them a better planet. And we, the 60s and 70s generation, we haven’t done that. So maybe we owe it to these young people to get behind the person they want. It’s their future.

~ Michael Moore, filmmaker

Aside from politics… 2020 could be the Year of Great Invention & Medical Breakthrough. Maybe scientists will finally crack the canine language code! With better interspecies communication, we dogs can help humans fix things better and faster than your wildest dreams…!

Until then: L-O-V-E to everyone! ❤️🐾 And a Happy New Year! ~ Chester

The Barking Dogs sing “Auld Lang Syne.”

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Canine Holiday Cheer

‘Tis the season of peace, joy, and succulent odors from the kitchen. People are celebrating Happy Hanukkah week, and Merry Christmas day tomorrow. Habari Gani Day (Kawanzaa) begins the next day. Happy Winter Holidays to all!

Up Close & Personal

Pet interviewer PAL talks to dogs about holiday food, favorite dog toy presents, and canine caroling.

Holiday Apparel

I’m large. The folks think it’s funny.

It’s better than an “ugly” Christmas sweater.

Family Misunderstandings

Everyone just assumes. But nobody knows who I really am, or cares about my dreams.

I’m a good Jewish boy. Where are the latkes?

The Best Gift of All

The best gift of all, is something we canines specialize in…


The Message of Christmas

The message of Christmas: You are never alone. Not when the night is darkest, the wind coldest, the world seemingly most indifferent… if you have a dog.

~ Paraphrased from Taylor Caldwell, by Chester 🐾

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Challenge: Plunge In (To Your Wallet) for a Progressive Congress

It’s easy to elect unbought representatives to do the work of democracy for you. (It’s hard to protest in the streets, get arrested, or fired for missing work.)

There are many unbought 2020 volunteers, or candidates, willing to do the heavy-lifting in Washington D.C. You know they’re unbought because they reject corporate money and they support single-payer Medicare for All.

However, until we have public-funded elections, we must plunge into our wallets to support the campaigns of unbought political candidates. Therefore, I have a challenge for you. (Or an idea, framework, or reminder.)

Since a progressive Congress will represent all Americans, living in all 50 states, your challenge is to contribute cash to 5 or 6 different progressive candidates each month. For instance…

  • $3 for your state’s progressive U.S. Senate candidate
  • $3 for your district’s progressive U.S. House candidate
  • $3 for a progressive U.S. House candidate outside your state district
  • $3 for a favorite progressive national candidate from another state
  • $3 for a different progressive national candidate each month

Go crazy, add a contribution to your favored progressive presidential candidate. A progressive Congress will be supporting him or her.

  • $5 for the progressive presidential candidate of your choice

… plus or minus the dollar amount, or number of candidates supported. By donating through ActBlue, which most progressive candidates use for their donations, every penny you donate goes to the candidate (no fees or percentages syphoned off) — so even a $1 helps.

Toss in a few coins. Turn the kitty into a progressive tiger!

I hope you’ll accept this challenge for a Progressive Congress. If you do, please pass it on. The number of people up to the challenge is more important than the number of dollars involved. There are so many progressives out there, even small dollars will transform into big dollars, like magic.

For your convenience, here are links to all the unbought progressive candidates running for national office in 2020:

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The UK Election & Awesome Labour Party Manifesto of 2019

The United Kingdom is holding a general election one week from today, on Thursday, December 12th. The race is primarily between the Tory Party (conservative) and Labour Party (progressive). Each party has released a 2019 manifesto.

Brexit and the National Health Service (NHS) are top issues for voters. What else is at stake in the UK 2019 General Election? Progressive readers will find a quick review below, from the Labour perspective. (Be prepared for awesome.)

Brexit? No Brexit? What Kind of Brexit?

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn supports a second referendum on Brexit.

Jeremy Corbyn provides a simple explanation on how Labour will deal with Brexit.

A Green Industrial Revolution

Saving the planet is a top priority with the Labour Party, which introduced the Green Industrial Revolution.

The National Health Service

Decades of austerity has jeopardized the NHS. In addition, recent leaks indicate the British and American governments have discussed privatizing parts of it, in terms of trade agreement — a very unpopular idea among Brits. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn offers a strong, reassuring response to Tory NHS shenanigans.

As you may imagine, Brits are personally fond of their National Health Service.

Economic Growth for Ordinary People

The economy is another serious issue of concern. Brits demand better economic opportunities.

Value-Driven Immigration Policy

In addition to economic justice, the average Brit wants to see social justice — including just immigration policies.

See: Immigration Under Labour Would Be Driven by Values, Says Abbott | The Guardian

On Privatization

Any Brit, with eyes are wide open, opposes the privatization of public utilities. For instance, they’re ready to take the rail system back.

While the Labour Party may poke fun at billionaires and their privatization agenda, they offer rational policies to reverse the trend.

And, of course, private hands must steer clear of the NHS!

The Labor Party Manifesto

The 2019 Labour Party Manifesto embraces a wealth of people-centered policies — for biking, the arts, animal welfare, race and faith, and more!


Austerity, fear-mongering, and authoritarian rule are eroding democracy all around the world. If two powerful nations, like the United Kingdom and the United States (in 2020), can effectively push back — the practical, rational wisdom of The People is positioned to save the world from the grave insanity and corruption of corporate greed.

#ForTheMany and #NotMeUs. Great British and American cousins think alike!

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Happy Thanksgiving, Progressive Rebels!

Happy Thanksgiving
…from Canine Chef Maymo.


Maymo cooks Thanksgiving dinner for you.

Then take a nap…

Dream of all the progressive heroes in the land,
renown and unknown,
human and canine,
fighting the Good Fight for you and me.

Give Thanks!

Join in.
Send them a little raw cookie dough.
Spread the word.

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6 Socially Woke Holiday Gift Ideas for Progressive Friends

‘Tis time to celebrate the winter holidays! Traditionally, gifts are involved. May I ask what you’ll be giving your best progressive chums? If you haven’t yet decided, consider these socially woke gift ideas. They’re sure to bring smiles and heart warmth to this year’s season of peace and love.

#6 – Socially Conscious Gifts That Help Children

Want your holiday gift-giving to celebrate caring, but must avoid politics? Helping and protecting innocent children is the no-brainer social issue that everyone supports.

Shop for holiday presents that help save children’s lives, all around the world, at the UNICEF Gift Shop and Market. They sell fine items, from signature UNICEF cards, to handmade artisan jewelry, and fair-trade alpaca scarves.

Shop for a better world with UNICEF Market.

Wall calendars make great winter holiday presents. You can also find many that are appropriate for summer holidays in the southern hemisphere. For instance, nobody loves to help children more than Australian firemen. They first began producing the Australian Firefighters Calendar in order to support the Children’s Hospital Foundation. 27 years later, they’ve donated over $3 million to charities that help kids and animals.

A look behind-the-scenes of the “Australian Firefighters Calendar” photoshoots.

#5 – Games That Change the World

If you’ve ever wanted to increase anyone’s awareness of fascism, civil rights, or worker co-ops — and have fun, instead of arguments — TESA educational games are for you. They make great gifts, too. Break one out after the holiday meal. Imagine the discussion!

#4 – Mind-Opening Reading

Give the gift of reading this holiday season. Open-minded topics range from veganism to billionaire elites, from biographical history to cli-fi. Check the Library of Progressive Culture for some great books I’ve recently spotted.

One of my favorite historical reads this year was The Man Who Saved the Union by H.W. Brands. Ulysses S. Grant is known for having been an excessive drinker. True, but if his aides helped him, he could stay away from the bottle. The full Grant story is surprising, fascinating, and an enlightened history of the American Civil War and Reconstruction eras. Personally, I gave the book 5 gold stars.

Book cover of "The Man Who Saved the Union" by H. W. Brands
Book cover of “The Man Who Saved the Union” by H. W. Brands

For holiday gifts that continue to give throughout the year, consider magazine subscriptions. Progressives will enjoy the cover art and articles from The New Yorker, The Nation, Jacobin, or Dissent.

The Fall issue of Jacobin.

Finally, there is the most important reading gift, and it’s a freebie. Help friends connect to the nationwide Overdrive library app — to enjoy ebooks, audiobooks, and movies on their electronic devices. It’s free (no fines possible; loans end automatically). The only requirement? A library card. An added benefit? Conservative readers may soften toward “socialist” programs like public libraries.

#3 – Homemade-Art Protest Signs

It’s so annoying to be at a protest rally, without a good sign. This holiday season, lift the game of your nonviolent demonstrating friends. How? If you’re artsy-crafty, make a homemade protest sign for every progressive friend on your gift-giving list — tailored to the issue of their greatest concern.

The materials you’ll need:

(Attend en masse, and next year’s protest events will be awesome!)

#2 – Infographic Energy Transition Coloring Book

Adult coloring has been hot for several years. It’s relaxing, and enjoyable to do alone or around the kitchen table while chatting with friends. Enter the Infographic Energy Transition Coloring Book for a trendy (and informative) holiday gift idea.

This award-winning activity book playfully breaks down climate change and the energy transition through hand-drawn, engaging infographics!

#1 – Gift Donations to Political Leaders & Activists

2020 is an election year. Now is the time to send a holiday contribution, in the name of each progressive friend, to his or her fearless political leader. That’s right. Forget exchanging gifts. Shoot the money straight to Bernie Sanders‘ presidential campaign (look for the red “Donate” button). Or to Tulsi, Elizabeth Warren, or any favorite Green candidate. Most candidates sell campaign merchandise. For the deluxe touch, tuck the donation receipt within the fold of a campaign t-shirt, and tie with bow.

Keep in mind state candidates running for national office. A donation to one of them may make the perfect gift for a friend of yours. Follow the links below to find revolutionary progressive candidates.

Ditto with activist groups. These organizations represent worthy causes that may fit the bill for progressive holiday gift-giving: Sunrise Movement (climate), March For Our Lives (gun control), and CodePink (peace). There are many more!

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19 Radical Progressive Candidates Running for U.S. Senate & Structural Change

Do you want single-payer Medicare for All? Do you want a Green New Deal? Then #AnyBlueWon’tDo. We need real progressives to build a U.S. Senate that’s prepared for life-saving, planet-saving structural change. Celebrated here, are the 2020 radical progressive candidates for U.S. Senate who, if elected, will make a difference.

Support a Progressive U.S. Senate

Most of the candidates listed are running for national office outside your own state of residence. You won’t be able to vote for them. Yet the U.S. Senate plays a necessary role in national lawmaking, impacting every citizen from sea to shining sea.

We are all in this together. Please support every women and man running to build a progressive U.S. Senate, in any way that you ARE able:

  • Follow and share their updates on social media.
  • Volunteer to phonebank.
  • Donate a $1 (or more) to each one.
  • Talk about them with your friends and family.
  • Share this post far and wide.

19 Far-Left, Radical Candidates Running for the U.S. Senate

Dear Progressive, these are the men and women you must help get elected into office next year:

  1. David WhitfieldArkansas
  2. Diana Bray or Lorena Garcia or Andrew RomanoffColorado
  3. Ted TerryGeorgia
  4. Marilyn Jordan LawlorIllinois
  5. Kimberly GrahamIowa
  6. Steven Cox or Eric RothmullerKentucky
  7. Antoine PierceLouisiana
  8. Betsy SweetMaine
  9. Ed Markey (incumbent, co-authored GND resolution) – Massachusetts
  10. Jensen BohrenMississippi
  11. Angie PhillipsNebraska
  12. Jeff Merkley (incumbent, a progressive champion) – Oregon
  13. Justin WootonSouth Carolina
  14. Sema HernandezTexas
  15. Paula Jean Swearengin – West Virginia
  16. Yana LudwigWyoming

Every one of the above listed candidates is committed to single-payer Medicare for All. Every one of them rejects corporate money.

All Progressive Candidates Running for National Office, Nationwide

In case you’d like to see all the revolutionary candidates running for national office, state by state, the links are provided below. They include candidates running for U.S. House, as well as U.S. Senate.

Here’s to a Progressive U.S. Senate!

In 2020, we may elect a strong progressive President into the White House. If so, President Sanders will need strong progressive Senators at his back, fighting for massive structural changes. And we, the Progressive Movement, will continue to support all of them!

At this time, one of our main objectives is to fight to elect real progressives into the United States Senate… even if we don’t know them… in our own state. #NotMeUs

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