Flint, MI Says ‘Eat the Rich’

The people in Flint, Michigan say: “Eat the rich.” As a smitten fan of real BUT-ter — I think it’s a great idea!

Rich delicacies… the richest for dessert… Creamy and de-ee-LI-cious! (sigh)

Americans deserve to eat the rich! We should eat ultra-rich on holidays, like Fourth of July and Happy New Year.

Better yet, eating the rich should be an everyday right! (I’ll talk to Bernie.)

Personally, I remain on ready-standby to devour the rich. Let me tell you about the time I noticed a large chunk of crispy rice treat on the wrong side of the sidewalk (which was across the street)… SCREECH!… CrUnCh!… I swear to DOG, that treat was made with real BUT-ter….

~ Chester, Canine News & Views 🐾

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Step Aside for Bernie Sanders

Former Secretary of Labor and political science professor Robert Reich inspired me to say the following in a YouTube comment, when he casually included the name of Elizabeth Warren in the same category as Bernie Sanders…

Please give it up on Elizabeth Warren. She crumpled on single-payer Medicare for All and she can’t refuse corporate money. Now, she thinks superdelegates should override democracy (voters). She’s just an ordinary politian; not a progressive, not a reformer.

The country needs structural renovation. Powerful special interests will vigorously oppose… and they already have a grip on Warren.

We need to meaningfully address climate change, inequality, and political corruption. Bernie Sanders has set the stage for getting these major accomplishments done.

The Establishment needs to step aside for the people’s front-runner — because WE have a job to do! #NotMeUs”

Care to add anything? Use the comments. Thanks.

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Democracy Is More Important Than Party

The Republican and Democratic parties need to be reminded that democracy is more important than party, or who becomes President.

Right now… We have a Republican Senate that won’t allow evidence in a trial. We have a Democratic Party that changes, mid-stream, the rules for joining a debate. They are behaving like nothing more than self-interested elites.

The Great American Experiment

Party leaders need to be reminded of what makes the United States unique or great in any way: DEMOCRACY. The United States is the first country in the world that began as a democracy. Thus, the United States was/is called “The Great American Experiment.” The hypothesis was/is that a government can effectively function, and thrive — without ruling elites!

Is it possible for a Government to be permanently maintained without privileged classes… and without either hereditary or self-appointed rulers? Is the democratic principle of equal rights, general suffrage, and government by a majority, capable of being carried into practical operation…?

~ New-York Daily Tribune, November 27, 1860 (just months before the American Civil War began)

The Power of the People

The majority of American People don’t give a Flying-Fig about the careers or personal ambitions of establishment party leaders (would-be members of a Ruling Elite). Contrary to popular D.C. opinion, in which the President’s Administration constitutes the nation, the citizens of the United States consider The People to be our nation. ALL the people (which kindly includes current White House residents and Members of Congress).

Despite low points throughout 250 years of American history, The People remain a democracy. We are ready, willing, and able to quash the power of would-be Ruling Elites.

WE… Stand up. Protest. Exert power. Vote them out. Reform the system. Restore democracy. We revolutionize again, again, and again. We clean it up — wash, and repeat — as often as necessary. We make our country stronger, and more beautiful, than ever. WE ARE the First Democratic Nation.

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Fake Campaign Ads — With Dogs!

Billionaire presidential candidate Michael Boomberg tries to seem like a regular guy. But he’s fake. His latest campaign ad features talking dogs! But they’re not real.

These dogs are paid actors.

Shelly Springer, off-Broadway actress.

Real dogs like Bernie Sanders. #DogsForBernie

~ Chester, Canine News & Views 🐾

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Bad-Rap Billionaires. Unfair Criticism?

Bernie Sanders started something when he said — out in the open — “Billionaires shouldn’t exist.” Now people are talking, and crying, about bad-rap billionaires. Is the criticism too harsh?

Bernie’s full quote:

“I don’t think that billionaires should exist,” he said, adding that there would always be rich people and others with less money. “This proposal does not eliminate billionaires, but it eliminates a lot of the wealth that billionaires have, and I think that’s exactly what we should be doing.”

~ Thomas Kaplan, The New York Times

Continuing the theme…

Bad-Rap Billionaires as Takers

Last Monday, while speaking to Ta-Nehisi Coates at a MLK Now event, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) upset the status quo applecart. Again. She made a bold anti-billionaire statement:

"No one ever makes a billion dollars. You take a billion dollars." ~ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
“No one ever makes a billion dollars. You take a billion dollars.” ~ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Are bad-rap billionaires grabby?

Context is everything. Please listen to AOC’s full statement below.

I, myself, get it. Completely. That isn’t to say I wouldn’t like to be a millionaire (even a multi-millionaire). Especially if that circumstance resulted from my own good efforts. And if I lived in a society where everyone’s basic needs were met, no questions asked. I could really enjoy hard-earned wealth, when I knew everyone else was “OK.”

Billionaires and Philanthropy

Of course, there’s philanthrope. However, author Anand Giridharadas suggests that an urge to “give back” isn’t always altruistic. Its main goal is to keep the status quo from changing. I read his book: Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World. Giridharadas presents his observations in a moderate manner. There’s no emotion-baiting or preachiness. It’s just, finally, someone talking about the elephant in the room.

Are bad-rap billionaires self-centered?

Billionaires Value Freedom (From Taxes)

Meanwhile, the 2020 annual World Economic Forum in Davos just concluded. The Patriotic Millionaires, who pound away that rich people should pay more taxes, created the “Davos Sign-On Letter.’

To Our Fellow Millionaires and Billionaires Across the Globe — There are two kinds of wealthy people in the world: those who prefer taxes and those who prefer pitchforks. We, the undersigned, prefer taxes. And we believe that, upon reflection, you will as well.

~ Patriotic Millionaires

Are bad-rap billionaires actually innocent Libertarians?

Libertarian Republic believes so: “Ocasio-Cortez’s War on Wealth Is a War on All of Us.” Apparently, rampant inequality is like taking a “hit” for Team All-of-Us. You have to admit, that’s pretty altruistic!

How do YOU make sense of it? Are bad-rap billionaires a fiction? Is the capitalist wealth-generating system still working, or has it gone screwy? Will there be pitchforks? Do we need billionaires to build a middle-class? If a wealth tax makes some people cry, where can they find tissues?

Finally, a word about billionaires from former Labor Secretary Robert Reich:

Support TYT. Become a member. (Cheap!)

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The Great MLK Liked Dogs

Happy Dr. Martin Luther King Day! MLK liked dogs, and dogs liked him.

There’s a story. When MLK was arrested in Florida, in 1964, he was stashed into the back seat of a police car. Smart alec cops pushed a big German Shepherd police dog in with him…

Canine police officer and Dr. Martin Luther King.

While intended to intimidate Dr. King, the dog instead lowered his ears, softened his eyes and appears to lean on King. Many observers said it appeared the pair “became fast friends.”

~ Lucky & Lady Superior Pet Boarding & Day Care

Lucky and Lady go on to say that MLK’s wife, Coretta Scott King, later became a vegetarian and advocated for animal rights. King’s son, Dexter, became a vegan.

Dogs don’t care about color, money, or brains. We canines are attracted to human kindness, which we celebrate on Martin Luther King Day.

~ Chester, Canine News & Views 🐾

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2020 ‘Super Progressive’ Candidates List

Here’s the ultimate “2020 Super Progressive Candidates” list of truly bold progressives running for national office. 82 true Lefties ran in the November 3rd General Election.

16 Super Progressives won their races. 10 are incumbent winners, and 6 winners are new Members of Congress.

LAST UPDATED: November 30, 2020

Two Criteria

What makes a candidate “super?” A super progressive meets two criteria:

  1. He or she supports single-payer Medicare for All.
  2. She or he accepts NO corporate money.

Based on the above criteria, candidates invariably stand on a super progressive platform. They support policies like the Green New Deal, free public higher education, economic justice and human rights for all, and public-funded elections.

Click on a candidate’s name to go to their campaign website. For statewide snapshot summaries of super progressive platforms, click on a state’s link. (Listings are not necessarily endorsements.)

Vote for a Progressive Congress
Support super progressives, state-by-state, for a Progressive Congress.

Super Progressive Candidates, State-by-State






AZ-01 Eva Putzova (D)
AZ-03 Raúl Grijalva (D) incumbent
AZ-05 Jon Ireland (D)




CA-01 Audrey Denney (D)
CA-12 Shahid Buttar (D) 💲
CA-17 Ro Khanna (D) incumbent
CA-18 Rishi Kumar (D) *There are rumors that Rishi Kumar supports India’s autocratic, big-business Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. I did a little Googling. Kumar certainly admired Modi in 2015. Local voters, do your research.
CA-29 Angelica Dueñas (D)
CA-34 David Kim (D)
CA-38 Michael Tolar (D)
CA-42 Liam O’Mara (D) 💲
CA-53 Georgette Gómez (D)


CO-04 Ike McCorkle (D)






FL-03 Adam Christenson (D)
FL-24 Christine Olivo (I)


US Senate Tamara Johnson Shealy (D) – Special election November 3, 2020
GA-08 Jimmy Cooper (G)
GA-14 Kevin Van Ausdal (D)


HI-02 Kai Kahele (D)


ID-01 Joe Evans (I)


IL-03 Marie Newman (D)
IL-16 Dani Brzozowski (D)


IN-02 Pat Hackett (D) 💲
IN-04 Joe Mackey (D)
IN-09 Andy Ruff (D)


IA-04 JD Scholten (D) 💲




KY-02 Hank Linderman (D)




US Senate Lisa Savage (G)




US Senate Ed Markey (D) incumbent 💲
MA-07 Ayanna Pressley (D) incumbent


US Senate Marcia Squier (G)
MI-01 Dana Alan Ferguson (D)
MI-02 Jean-Michael Creviere (G)
MI-04 Amy Slepr (G)
MI-06 Jon Hoadley (D)
MI-06 John Lawrence (G)
MI-13 Rashida Tlaib (D) incumbent
MI-14 Clyde Shabazz (G)


MN-05 Ilhan Omar (D) incumbent 💲
MN-05 Toya Woodland (G)


MS-01 Antonia Eliason (D)


MO-01 Cori Bush (D) 💲
MO-05 Antwain Winters (G) write-in




NE-02 Kara Eastman (D) 💲



New Hampshire


New Jersey

US Senate Veronica Fernandez (I)
US Senate Madelyn Hoffman (G)
NJ-12 Bonnie Watson Coleman (D) incumbent

New Mexico

NM-03 Teresa Leger Fernandez (D)

New York

NY-02 Harry Burger (G)
NY-04 Joseph Naham (G)
NY-14 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D) incumbent
NY-16 Jamaal Bowman (D) ) 💲
NY-17 Mondaire Jones (D)
NY-19 Steven Greenfield (G)
NY-26 Mike Raleigh (G)

NY-27 Nate McMurray (D)

North Carolina


North Dakota

ND-At-Large Zachary Raknerud (D) 💲


OH-05 Nick Rubando (D)




US Senate Ibrahim Taher (G)
OR-03 Alex DiBlasi (G)
OR-04 Daniel Hoffay (G)


PA-11 Sarah Hammond (D)

Rhode Island…


South Carolina


South Dakota…



US Senate Marquita Bradshaw (D)
TN-03 Amber Hysell (I)


TX-04 Russell Foster (D)
TX-10 Mike Siegel (D)
TX-14 Adrienne Bell (D)
TX-21 Thomas Wakely (G) (write-in)
TX-25 Julie Oliver (D)
TX-31 Donna Imam (D)
TX-33 Carlos Quintanilla (I)
TX-36 Hal Ridley (G)




VT-At-Large Chris Brimmer (VT Progressive Party)
VT-At-Large Christopher Helali (PCUSA)


VA-01 Qasim Rashid (D)


WA-07 Pramila Jayapal (D) incumbent

West Virginia

US Senate Paula Jean Swearengin (D) 💲
WV-02 Cathy Kunkel (D)
WV-03 Hillary Turner (D)


WI-02 Mark Pocan (D) incumbent



US President

Mark Charles (I) and running mate, Adrian Wallace
Howie Hawkins (G) and running mate, Angela Walker

Giving: For a Progressive Congress

To help elect a progressive Congress, I aim to make a small donation to every super progressive candidate on this list. When I do, I put the “💲” after his/her name.

Do you have a giving plan to help fund a super progressive Congress? Do you focus on a few candidates, or many? Tell us about it in the comments. ❤️

Together, we get the job done.

Official 2020 Candidate Endorsements

The following organizations have made official 2020 endorsements, including some down-ballot candidates, ballot initiatives. and several decent Democratic candidates (who aren’t super-progressive enough to be on this list.)

If you find this information useful, why not share it with your friends and social media networks? Sharing is caring — about the progressive justice movement!

Iranian Assassination & U.S. Anti-War Protest — Tomorrow!

Join the anti-war protest in more than 30 cities.

Who knows why No.45 assassinated Iran’s top general. He wants a new feather in his war bonnet? So his poor, white, downtrodden followers hail him as Glorious Strongman? There’s money to be made?


Congress, alone, has the power to authorize war. They were not consulted. What a slap in the face — right after Congress approved Trump’s inflated military budget! (During the impeachment process, no less).

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) has a few choice words to say.

Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) tried to head-off such an action.

The future (I hope) President responded. Sen. Bernie Sanders will do every in his power to prevent a war with Iran.

Unhappy with drums of war? Join the anti-war protest. Tomorrow: Saturday, January 4, 2020. National day of action: No More U.S. Troops to Iraq or the Middle East! U.S. Out of Iraq Now! And No War/No Sanctions on Iran!

Join the anti-war protest in more than 30 cities.

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