Time for an Anti-Corruption Yellow Vests Movement in the United States

The U.S. Congress was unable to pass a Corona Crisis Relief Bill without giving big corporations HUGE bailouts. Regular people, on average, will receive barely enough money to endure another two weeks. Frontline medical support funding was merely squeezed in, like an afterthought. WHY? Because global corporations rule the U.S. Congress.

Big Money Corrupts Government

Big Money has a corrupting influence on the American government. Here’s how it works… Money creates power. And then, power is misused to bribe politicians with campaign donations, insider stock information, the implied promise of future favors, etc. Legal or not, such corporate influence creates conflicts of interest that corrupt our elected officials. And know this: many Congress Members go along with shady practices because they’ll be politically punished if they don’t — not because they want to.

Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

~ Lord Acton, 1887

The average voter hates corruption. But they think you can’t do anything about it. However, we must do something about political corruption, and fast. Corporate greed is the direct cause of our planet’s climate crisis. Now, the COVID-19 pandemic is pummeling us with immediate danger. Though corporate greed did not cause COVID-19, it has impeded an effective response to the disease, here in the United States, and is capitalizing on this crisis event — at the cost of American lives.

Rumblings of a General Strike

To attack corruption, we first need solidarity. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaigns have built massive solidarity, exemplified by the #NotMeUs slogan. The idea of intersectional solidarity has gone mainstream. Now, because of the COVID-19 crisis, people are quickly figuring out that action is also required, and the rumblings of a #GeneralStrike abound. See Twitter examples below:

Frontline workers are terrified of catching COVID-19 and infecting their families and neighborhoods. As a result, some of them are causing inconvenience and discomfort for heartless bosses who won’t support worker safety — with labor strikes.

The labor strike is a time-honored tactic that leverages the power of workers. As desperation and unity grow, as people experience this coronavirus crisis together, expect to see THE General Strike take place, all across the U.S.A.

Anti-Corruption Yellow Vests

In addition to the General Strike, the county needs an organized, nonviolent Anti-Corruption Yellow Vests movement — to further disrupt the civil passivity of those aligned with the corporate establishment.

This is taking #NotMeUs to the next logical level. And while America’s modern Progressive Movement has been hugely inspired by Bernie Sanders’ political revolution, we’ll see everyone joining in — conservatives, independents, and non-politicals, alike — in order to experience the strength of solidarity and action that will save lives.

Today’s Playlist

Here’s the latest independent news playlist, with a progressive point of view. Listen, as you isolate. We’re all in this together. Solidarity!

Progressive independent news from the last few days.

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Elected Leaders Are Not That Into Us – Wednesday, the Last 24

One of my obsessions is independent news. So while isolating during the Coronavirus Crisis, I’ll try to share a daily YouTube playlist of pertinent news and views. Listen to it while you’re knitting or doing push-ups.

Then call someone. Remind them they’re not alone in this. We are not alone, we are many.

Our Leaders Don’t Love Us

Rejection is difficult to deal with. And right now, it’s obvious that our elected leaders are not that into us.

From Trump wanting people to go back to work, to the Texas Lt. Governor’s willingness to die rather than save lives, we may assume: our elected officials do not love us.

(Except for Bernie Sanders, other progressives, and a few good Democrats. Possibly, a Republican or two.)

Proof: Follow the Money

How can you tell? Money follows love. This is true when Dad writes his will, and it’s true when Congress balances the budget. Now connect the dots… (this is the fun, puzzle part)… If Americans hardly get anything… for all the taxes they pay… (Ouch. Sniffle. This is the ugly part, when suppressed realizations come crowding in)…

That’s right. You knew all along. But instead of dealing with rejection with adult equanimity, too many Democratic voters bent over backwards in a desperate attempt to make Party Leaders love them — resulting in an excess of Super Tuesday votes for the iffy Joe Biden.

That’s right. Everyone knows Joe Biden is iffy, which brings us to our next conclusion… If Democratic leadership knows Biden is iffy, and is likely to lose the General Election…

That’s right. The Democratic Party put their weight behind Donald Trump’s second term. (He’s extremely useful for “resistance” fundraising.)

Enter Coronavirus Crisis

But the joke may be on Democratic leaders, instead of voters. Enter Coronavirus Crisis. The more poorly President Trump handles the current crisis, the more likely Biden could win the 2020 Election.

Establishment Democrats have backed themselves into a corner. The only way to avoid an iffy President Biden, is to nominate former front-runner Bernie Sanders.

Responsible News Provider Capitulates

PBS may be the first mainstream media outlet to accept these new circumstances. Instead of blocking Bernie Sanders, last night they aired Bernie’s Coronavirus town hall on the PBS News Hour.

What else can a responsible news provider do? President Trump wants to send people back to work prematurely, assuring many more Americans would die. A sicko Texas Lt. Gov says elders are willing to die, in order to save the stock market. Speaking of stocks, some U.S. Senators buy and sell them, illegally, based on insider information — capitalizing on the Coronavirus, while failing to warn the public.

I thanked PBS for their public service.

Click the gray area above to watch Bernie Sanders’ Coronavirus Town Hall on Twitter.

Today’s Playlist

Here’s today’s independent newsy playlist, with progressive views. And a musical ending. Listen, as you isolate. We’re all in this together. Peace.

Progressive independent news from the last 24 hours.

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2 Added Progressive Independent News Commentators for Bernie Sanders Supporters

Tired of Bernie-Bashing? I added two progressive political news commentators to Independent News Outlets. One is new on the scene. The other is an old favorite. Neither presumes to lecture Bernie Sanders about where he “went wrong” with his presidential campaign — which is so very refreshing!

The Concise Christo Aivalis

Newcomer Christo Aivalis presents a concise, cogent delivery of the day’s progressive political news. Though his hair can be a terrible mess, you never think he just rolled out of bed. He’s sharp.

His commentary is prepared and professional. His commentary is smart. He admires the policies of Bernie Sanders. Christo happens to be Canadian.

Bernie Sanders SLAMS Reporter: “‘I’m dealing with a f**king global crisis” | Christo Aivalis

Tim Black Has a Way With Words

The seasoned Tim Black is a creative political commentator. He knows how to break the rules of communication, so his ideas break through to an audience. Besides having a way with words, Black is funny enough to be a standup comedian.

But he’s serious.

Tim Black is committed to the policies of Bernie Sanders — for his people, black Americans, and for everyone else. He goes at political commentary with the heart of a progressive activist.

Biden Voters Mostly Want Bernie Policies | Tim Black TV

Expose Your Friends & Family to Independent News

You’ll find a useful selection of news and commentary sources at the top 12 Bold Independent Progressive News Outlets, including numerous “honorable mentions.” Share it far and wide. We need to guide more people into independent news.

Challenge your friends and family to add at least one non-corporate news source to their daily consumption of cable news media. Imagine the lively discussions you’ll be able to have with them, as they begin to learn what they never knew.

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Is Sanders the Only One Serious About Beating Trump?

In the twinkle of an eye, the Democratic Establishment rallied behind Joe Biden for Democratic Nominee — and were hugely successful. Joe surged ahead of Bernie Sanders and snatched away the title of “front-runner.” Battle won. All is fair in love and politics, etc. But if beating Donald Trump in the 2020 General Election is the ultimate objective, then the war has been lost.

Biden Is the Weakest of Candidates

Joe Biden has a poor record. He fumbled on the Iraq War, NAFTA, bankruptcy law (which created the present day student debt crisis), and gay marriage. He threatened Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and veteran benefits four times, while attempting to freeze government spending, and helped deregulate the banking industry. Joe Biden is, and has always been, a corporate Democrat. He was nicknamed the “Senator from MBNA.” (MBNA was the largest independent Delaware-based credit card company, until acquired by Bank of America in 2006.) Biden’s work for credit card companies aroused Professor Elizabeth Warren’s ire.

Over time, Biden’s exertions on the bankruptcy bill began to shape his national reputation. “His energetic work on behalf of the credit card companies has earned him the affection of the banking industry and protected him from any well-funded challengers for his Senate seat,” Warren wrote in the Harvard Women’s Law Journal. “This important part of Senator Biden’s legislative work also appears to be missing from his Web site and publicity releases.”

~ Tim Murphy, Mother Jones

These are the shortcomings with which Donald Trump would crucify Joe Biden’s integrity.

On a lighter note, Joe Biden is plagued by bouts of plagiarism, tall tales, and gaffes. In recent years, there seems to be an impediment between his brain and lips. Does Biden suffer from stuttering or dementia? Is he a liar, frustrated movie script writer, or confabulator (attempting to fill in memory gaps)? Is he too lazy to express ideas in his own words? These are the Biden foibles that would inspire Trump’s cruelly comedic derision.

“Electability” Is a Manufactured Issue

Just before Super Tuesday, the Corporate Democratic Party exerted its considerable clout in order to back Joe Biden, a candidate who is clearly unable to effectively challenge Donald Trump for President. Why, if “electability” is so important?

Obviously, “electability” is not important. What’s important to Democratic leadership is to block Bernie Sanders from the nomination. “Electability” was, all along, a manufactured issue — devised for the purpose of instilling fear in voters. The cry of “electability” was meant to distract voters from values or policies to be won, and to reduce their focus to just one thing: beating Trump. “Electability” is a propaganda technique.

Why do corporate Democrats reject Bernie Sanders? Because Sanders rejects corporate money. Therefore, Sanders cannot be influenced by wealthy special interests. While Sanders is a boon for democracy, he’s an existential threat to an elite Washington power structure.

Still, it is true that some American voters want to quash Medicare for All and the Green New Deal. They don’t want a political revolution. They don’t want big changes. They are safe and comfortable, enough. And because they stoutly disapprove of Donald Trump’s words and actions, they are morally pleased with themselves, enough. After all, “enough is enough.” But don’t such voters deserve at least an Amy Klobuchar to get behind?

Bernie Sanders speaking at North Carolina rally
Bernie Sanders speaking at a rally in North Carolina.

The Self-Sacrifices of Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders could have run for President completely independent of the Democratic Party. He wouldn’t be dealing with a demoralizing assault on his campaign right now, and could have avoided useless Democratic debates sponsored by the corporate news media. Bernie Sanders does not need the Democratic Party. He has his own volunteer army, a coveted email list, and free-flowing cash bubbling up from the grassroots.

Sanders sacrificed his freedom from the Democratic Party in order to prevent the worse-case scenario: a split vote that would allow Trump to win a second term. Sanders is serious about beating Trump.

Sanders does not need to begin every criticism of a Democratic colleague with she/he “is my friend.” He does so because he’s a realist, not an egomaniac, and recognizes it is possible one of his Democratic opponents could win the nomination, instead of himself. In which case, he doesn’t want his supporters too turned off by the competition — to the extent they wouldn’t support the eventual Democratic nominee, if not Bernie. That’s how serious Sanders is about beating Trump.

Plenty of Sanders supporters criticize him for not aggressively attacking his opponents. However, that isn’t Sanders’ way. His goal is to reform a corrupt and dysfunctional political system, not to humiliate or destroy individuals. Most politicians are ordinary people, yet the incentives and pressures to conform to a corrupt system are extraordinary. Does Bernie’s holding back from attack sometimes weaken his case? Yes, I believe it does. People are impressed by force. But that’s a risk Sanders takes. Because there must always be enough strength left standing to keep fighting a dangerous demagogue, even if Bernie were to fall from the race. That’s how serious Bernie is about beating Trump.

The Wisdom of King Solomon

From the perspective I’ve put forth, Bernie’s way of campaigning may remind us of the story about two women who fought over one baby. (Based on 1 Kings 3:16-28.)

To end their dispute they were having over the baby, they went before King Solomon to be their judge. Each woman pulled the child toward herself, as she defended her own case as the legitimate mother. After a while, the child was being vigorously pulled in both directions at once, in danger of serious injury. Then, one woman released her grip on the baby. The other woman clutched the babe to herself in victory.

But wise King Solomon noticed the woman who sacrificed her own desires, for the sake of the baby. And he knew exactly who the real mother was.

Again, I ask, is Bernie Sanders the only one who seriously wants to beat Trump? Most likely. He’s the only one willing to sacrifice everything in order to get the job done.

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Flint, MI Says ‘Eat the Rich’

The people in Flint, Michigan say: “Eat the rich.” As a smitten fan of real BUT-ter — I think it’s a great idea!

Rich delicacies… the richest for dessert… Creamy and de-ee-LI-cious! (sigh)

Americans deserve to eat the rich! We should eat ultra-rich on holidays, like Fourth of July and Happy New Year.

Better yet, eating the rich should be an everyday right! (I’ll talk to Bernie.)

Personally, I remain on ready-standby to devour the rich. Let me tell you about the time I noticed a large chunk of crispy rice treat on the wrong side of the sidewalk (which was across the street)… SCREECH!… CrUnCh!… I swear to DOG, that treat was made with real BUT-ter….

~ Chester, Canine News & Views 🐾

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Step Aside for Bernie Sanders

Former Secretary of Labor and political science professor Robert Reich inspired me to say the following in a YouTube comment, when he casually included the name of Elizabeth Warren in the same category as Bernie Sanders…

Please give it up on Elizabeth Warren. She crumpled on single-payer Medicare for All and she can’t refuse corporate money. Now, she thinks superdelegates should override democracy (voters). She’s just an ordinary politian; not a progressive, not a reformer.

The country needs structural renovation. Powerful special interests will vigorously oppose… and they already have a grip on Warren.

We need to meaningfully address climate change, inequality, and political corruption. Bernie Sanders has set the stage for getting these major accomplishments done.

The Establishment needs to step aside for the people’s front-runner — because WE have a job to do! #NotMeUs”

Care to add anything? Use the comments. Thanks.

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Democracy Is More Important Than Party

The Republican and Democratic parties need to be reminded that democracy is more important than party, or who becomes President.

Right now… We have a Republican Senate that won’t allow evidence in a trial. We have a Democratic Party that changes, mid-stream, the rules for joining a debate. They are behaving like nothing more than self-interested elites.

The Great American Experiment

Party leaders need to be reminded of what makes the United States unique or great in any way: DEMOCRACY. The United States is the first country in the world that began as a democracy. Thus, the United States was/is called “The Great American Experiment.” The hypothesis was/is that a government can effectively function, and thrive — without ruling elites!

Is it possible for a Government to be permanently maintained without privileged classes… and without either hereditary or self-appointed rulers? Is the democratic principle of equal rights, general suffrage, and government by a majority, capable of being carried into practical operation…?

~ New-York Daily Tribune, November 27, 1860 (just months before the American Civil War began)

The Power of the People

The majority of American People don’t give a Flying-Fig about the careers or personal ambitions of establishment party leaders (would-be members of a Ruling Elite). Contrary to popular D.C. opinion, in which the President’s Administration constitutes the nation, the citizens of the United States consider The People to be our nation. ALL the people (which kindly includes current White House residents and Members of Congress).

Despite low points throughout 250 years of American history, The People remain a democracy. We are ready, willing, and able to quash the power of would-be Ruling Elites.

WE… Stand up. Protest. Exert power. Vote them out. Reform the system. Restore democracy. We revolutionize again, again, and again. We clean it up — wash, and repeat — as often as necessary. We make our country stronger, and more beautiful, than ever. WE ARE the First Democratic Nation.

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Fake Campaign Ads — With Dogs!

Billionaire presidential candidate Michael Boomberg tries to seem like a regular guy. But he’s fake. His latest campaign ad features talking dogs! But they’re not real.

These dogs are paid actors.

Shelly Springer, off-Broadway actress.

Real dogs like Bernie Sanders. #DogsForBernie

~ Chester, Canine News & Views 🐾

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