Capital Paraders Told to “Get an Essential Job!”

I followed my neighbor to the capital parade. He put on a mask, and pulled my bandana over my nose. Everybody was looking at us. I never felt so excited — and wagged my tail harder than ever!

Then he started acting like the Pope. As people passed by, he gave each one a special word and gesture. Sometimes he offered spiritual advice. “Go get an essential job!” he would call, or “God hates dipsh*ts!” They often reciprocated with advice of their own, as if in leturical response.

Now I could see that the paraders were somberly petitioning, not celebrating. And they seemed to mean business. In fact, some of them actually said, “business should be open.” They were, obviously, parading in the open… all for the Common Good, I’m sure!

My neighbor blessed them, as they walked around and around in a circle. He probably doesn’t own a bejeweled chalice, but he did hold his precious smartphone aloft, as if to mark the sacred significance of a ceremonial procession.

Please be helpful and SHARE this Twitter video.

This crowd seriously needed to share their feelings, their opinions, their business, their germs, and well… everything! My neighbor just wants to help out. Please feel free to share his video.

~ Chester reports the Canine News & Views 🐾

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Progressive Commentators Fail to Make a Dent in Mainstream Media

Updated April 17, 2020

There are a number of online progressive pundits who joined the ever-popular Bernie Sanders Blame Game, but with a twist. Instead of blaming Bernie for the 2016 Trump win and his possible re-election, these commentators blame Bernie for losing the 2020 Democratic nomination and failing the Progressive Movement. They boldly criticize Bernie for his failure to attack Joe Biden. They deplore Bernie’s endorsement of Biden, claiming he didn’t get any progressive concessions. Rising co-host Krystal Ball went so far, as to accuse Bernie Sanders of “political malpractice.”

Well, if there’s blame to spread, online progressive media deserve their share. They failed to make a dent in the anti-progressive narrative that spews from network TV.

Cenk Uygur, founder of The Young Turks (TYT), also known as “the home of progressives,” recently said as much. “We failed,” he said. But at least it wasn’t for lack of effort on Uygur’s part. He and his co-hosts made semi-regular appearances on CNN throughout the Democratic Primary. Uygur also took a hiatus from the show, in order to personally run for Congress in California. (FYI: Uygur is an active anti-corruption crusader; his credentials go back to Wolf-PAC, a group he founded that fights to remove Big Money from politics via Constitutional amendment.) The objective, self-aware, and accomplished Cenk Uygur admitted that even he had underestimated the power of corporate media to sway political elections.

How Independent Progressive Media Can Make an Impact

Bernie Sanders’ 2020 campaign crashed, and the fun is over. But we still have a progressive, anti-corruption, justice movement to push forward. It would help if average Americans, most of whom over-consume cable news, knew what was really going on in the country. How can online progressive media professionals effectively counter The Establishment bias of cable TV?

But before we get to potential answers, let’s first acknowledge the enormous exertion that is required from independent political pundits. The job will be harder than campaigning as a Democratic Socialist to become U.S. President. That is, it’s next to impossible. Are progressive pundit-guru YouTubers up to the task?

Armchair Advice

Probably not, on their own. We need to do our part, by offering advice. In the spirit of helpful feedback I’ll go first, and briefly outline a few ideas that independent progressive media outlets may take to heart — in order to improve. My dear readers are encouraged to share their constructive feedback and advice in the Comments Section below. I promise to update this post, as a body of useful insight evolves.

To begin with, here’s exactly what progressive media should do…

  • Regularly spotlight democratic reforms (e.g., Ranked Choice Voting, Congressional term limits, municipal cable and Internet, etc.)
  • Support feet-in-the-street action (organized nonviolent civil disobedience)
  • Build a progressive cable network (including science shows, stand-up comedy, and drama series)
  • Increase interviews with progressive political candidates
  • Provide comprehensive news coverage (in addition to political commentary)
  • Allow a few thoughtful conservative shows in the line-up, for objectivity and breadth of information
  • Pick the brains of Amy Goodman at Democracy Now! Maybe collaborate with her…
  • Viewer funded and grants accepted from nonprofit organizations that promote democracy
  • And so on… (more details later)

Expand the Reach of Progressive Politics

The ego-soothing, self-defense Blame Game, that some online progressive gurus are playing on Bernie Sanders, is both unproductive and immature. The Left Media should focus the bulk of their critical energies on self-evaluation. They need to explore how they may expand the reach of progressive political news and commentary into the mainstream arena. A meaningful counter-perspective to corporate media propaganda is desperately needed in today’s political world.

Expanding the reach of progressive politics won’t happen overnight, but Lefty pundits can shape-up their act right now. Watch and learn. I’m ending this post with an example of mature, objective punditry. Tim Black has a mind of his own, provides even-handed criticism, AND refuses to play the Bernie Blame Game. Enjoy his video!

AP Easily Turns Some Bernie Supporters Against Bernie Sanders | Tim Black

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Bittersweet: Bernie’s Final Campaign Ad

Bernie Sanders’ last campaign ad is bittersweet. It softly closes a door. And yet, another door that remains wide open, beckons to us.

While this campaign is coming to an end, our movement is not. Please stay in this fight with me.

~ Bernie Sanders

Remember: Bernie Sanders remains on the ballot. If your state has not yet held its Democratic Primary, you still have an opportunity to vote for him. These votes will award more delegates to Bernie. More delegates help Bernie push for progressive policies at the Democratic Party Convention in August.


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Bernie Sanders Suspends 2020 Presidential Campaign, Continues Fight for Justice

In a dignified and thoughtful address, Bernie Sanders told his supporters today that his 2020 presidential campaign is suspended. He spoke for about ten minutes. His words were selfless. He emphasized the continuing progressive justice movement. Only at the end, as he reflected on the beauty of the American people, did he come close to shedding a tear.

Bernie Sanders officially announces the suspension of his presidential campaign.

Though his campaign is suspended, Bernie will remain on the ballot. This allows him to accumulate as many delegates as possible, in order to impact policy negotiations at the DNC Convention in August.

I am not surprised by the news. But I am heartbroken. It’s very sad that our nation let THE politician-of-a-lifetime slip through its fingers… a second time.

Opinion: Bernie Sanders is too good for a wobbling U.S.A. Incorporated. Democratic voters opted for NO change. They WANT a President CEO to head the government. Easily impressed by business, money, and profit, these Democratic voters are blind to their own complicity in the escalating global climate emergency and an imminent economic collapse.

Facts: I’m relieved. I no longer need to worry about President Sanders getting assassinated. I’m confident. Bernie will continue building the anti-corruption justice movement for all Americans. (Whether they all appreciate it, or not.)

By virtue of a coalescing movement, Bernie Sanders will continue to guide the United States. He will do everything possible to steer our democracy through peril, and toward justice.

Admittedly, many people will still be ignorant of Bernie’s powerful political influence. After all, corporate TV supports the Elite Establishment, and isn’t going to tell their audience anything about class warfare or economic justice.

Yet I assure you, when Bernie Sanders operates under the media radar — that’s where he really gets things done. Whatever Democratic presidential candidates are anxious to promise American voters in 2024, it’ll be thanks to Bernie’s ongoing, untelevised, grassroots activism.

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Make Your Own Corona Virus Face Mask, No Sewing

Can’t find a face mask to wear in public to help slow the spread of COVID-19? You need to make one yourself, but don’t own a sewing machine?!?

(This is not an effective face mask.)

No worries. You can still be a good citizen.

Head to your junk drawer. Check the back of your closet. You probably have the necessary components on hand to make your own face mask, no sewing involved.

The CDC provides instructions on how to create face masks out of t-shirts and bandanas. The t-shirt method only requires shirt material and a pair of scissors. However, this method creates a mask with only one layer of cloth. Two layers of cloth offer more protection.

I tried the bandana method. All it takes is a bandana, two rubber bands, a coffee filter, and a little folding. See the easy instructions below.

How to fold a bandana into a face mask. Photo:

U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams demonstrates how to fold an old t-shirt into a face mask. See the video below.

Dr. Jerome Adams uses an old t-shirt to create a face mask. The result has several layers of material.

Good luck with your homemade masks. Practice pandemic safety. Stay well.

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My Prayer During Corona Crisis and Beyond

What are you doing during the coronavirus pandemic and isolation? Right now, I’m praying a prayer.

Dear God, protect our loved ones and all people around the world. Help people fully recover from COVID-19. Help your scientists find a cure. Deliver us from this pestilence. And move us beyond.

Our Father Who art in Heaven…
Thy will be done,
On Earth, as it is in Heaven.

When asked about the wondrous miracles He performed, Jesus said: “All these things you will do, and more.”

Jesus lived a life that was sociable and generous, and it’s seems like He meant, “Not just me, but us, all together… get to perform miracles.”

There is holistic synergy, as we heal, we multiply loaves and fishes, we tend to the poor, we free prisoners, “and more.”

May miracles flow now, and always. Amen.

Winged heart graffiti with the word "Prayer"
Praying during corona crisis.

During the corona crisis, we try to be wise. We wash hands, stay home, pray, talk on the phone, catch up on reading and dreaming. We envision the world beyond today. Meanwhile, may miracles of safety, healing, and provision flow to everyone who needs them.

Please share your visions, prayers, and miracles in the comments below. Peace. ❤️

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Time for an Anti-Corruption Yellow Vests Movement in the United States

The U.S. Congress was unable to pass a Corona Crisis Relief Bill without giving big corporations HUGE bailouts. Regular people, on average, will receive barely enough money to endure another two weeks. Frontline medical support funding was merely squeezed in, like an afterthought. WHY? Because global corporations rule the U.S. Congress.

Big Money Corrupts Government

Big Money has a corrupting influence on the American government. Here’s how it works… Money creates power. And then, power is misused to bribe politicians with campaign donations, insider stock information, the implied promise of future favors, etc. Legal or not, such corporate influence creates conflicts of interest that corrupt our elected officials. And know this: many Congress Members go along with shady practices because they’ll be politically punished if they don’t — not because they want to.

Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

~ Lord Acton, 1887

The average voter hates corruption. But they think you can’t do anything about it. However, we must do something about political corruption, and fast. Corporate greed is the direct cause of our planet’s climate crisis. Now, the COVID-19 pandemic is pummeling us with immediate danger. Though corporate greed did not cause COVID-19, it has impeded an effective response to the disease, here in the United States, and is capitalizing on this crisis event — at the cost of American lives.

Rumblings of a General Strike

To attack corruption, we first need solidarity. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaigns have built massive solidarity, exemplified by the #NotMeUs slogan. The idea of intersectional solidarity has gone mainstream. Now, because of the COVID-19 crisis, people are quickly figuring out that action is also required, and the rumblings of a #GeneralStrike abound. See Twitter examples below:

Frontline workers are terrified of catching COVID-19 and infecting their families and neighborhoods. As a result, some of them are causing inconvenience and discomfort for heartless bosses who won’t support worker safety — with labor strikes.

The labor strike is a time-honored tactic that leverages the power of workers. As desperation and unity grow, as people experience this coronavirus crisis together, expect to see THE General Strike take place, all across the U.S.A.

Anti-Corruption Yellow Vests

In addition to the General Strike, the county needs an organized, nonviolent Anti-Corruption Yellow Vests movement — to further disrupt the civil passivity of those aligned with the corporate establishment.

This is taking #NotMeUs to the next logical level. And while America’s modern Progressive Movement has been hugely inspired by Bernie Sanders’ political revolution, we’ll see everyone joining in — conservatives, independents, and non-politicals, alike — in order to experience the strength of solidarity and action that will save lives.

Today’s Playlist

Here’s the latest independent news playlist, with a progressive point of view. Listen, as you isolate. We’re all in this together. Solidarity!

Progressive independent news from the last few days.

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Elected Leaders Are Not That Into Us – Wednesday, the Last 24

One of my obsessions is independent news. So while isolating during the Coronavirus Crisis, I’ll try to share a daily YouTube playlist of pertinent news and views. Listen to it while you’re knitting or doing push-ups.

Then call someone. Remind them they’re not alone in this. We are not alone, we are many.

Our Leaders Don’t Love Us

Rejection is difficult to deal with. And right now, it’s obvious that our elected leaders are not that into us.

From Trump wanting people to go back to work, to the Texas Lt. Governor’s willingness to die rather than save lives, we may assume: our elected officials do not love us.

(Except for Bernie Sanders, other progressives, and a few good Democrats. Possibly, a Republican or two.)

Proof: Follow the Money

How can you tell? Money follows love. This is true when Dad writes his will, and it’s true when Congress balances the budget. Now connect the dots… (this is the fun, puzzle part)… If Americans hardly get anything… for all the taxes they pay… (Ouch. Sniffle. This is the ugly part, when suppressed realizations come crowding in)…

That’s right. You knew all along. But instead of dealing with rejection with adult equanimity, too many Democratic voters bent over backwards in a desperate attempt to make Party Leaders love them — resulting in an excess of Super Tuesday votes for the iffy Joe Biden.

That’s right. Everyone knows Joe Biden is iffy, which brings us to our next conclusion… If Democratic leadership knows Biden is iffy, and is likely to lose the General Election…

That’s right. The Democratic Party put their weight behind Donald Trump’s second term. (He’s extremely useful for “resistance” fundraising.)

Enter Coronavirus Crisis

But the joke may be on Democratic leaders, instead of voters. Enter Coronavirus Crisis. The more poorly President Trump handles the current crisis, the more likely Biden could win the 2020 Election.

Establishment Democrats have backed themselves into a corner. The only way to avoid an iffy President Biden, is to nominate former front-runner Bernie Sanders.

Responsible News Provider Capitulates

PBS may be the first mainstream media outlet to accept these new circumstances. Instead of blocking Bernie Sanders, last night they aired Bernie’s Coronavirus town hall on the PBS News Hour.

What else can a responsible news provider do? President Trump wants to send people back to work prematurely, assuring many more Americans would die. A sicko Texas Lt. Gov says elders are willing to die, in order to save the stock market. Speaking of stocks, some U.S. Senators buy and sell them, illegally, based on insider information — capitalizing on the Coronavirus, while failing to warn the public.

I thanked PBS for their public service.

Click the gray area above to watch Bernie Sanders’ Coronavirus Town Hall on Twitter.

Today’s Playlist

Here’s today’s independent newsy playlist, with progressive views. And a musical ending. Listen, as you isolate. We’re all in this together. Peace.

Progressive independent news from the last 24 hours.

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