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Friday, May 24, 2019

I am in love with this green Earth.

~ Charles Lamb

Green Presidential Candidates

The Progressive Candidates List of 2020: Medicare 4 All & No Corp Money! has been updated to include Green Party presidential candidates.

The Green Party is no longer the alternative, the Green Party is the imperative

~ Rosa Clemente

Rosa Clemente was the VP running mate of Green Party 2008 Presidential candidate, Cynthia McKinney. Clemente may be biased about her party; is it really an imperative? What do you think about the Green Party, here in the United States? Would you vote for a Green presidential candidate in 2020?

Green Lifestyle

May is National Bike Month. “Pump the peddles” for exercise and to save the planet.

A new UK study shows that a shorter work week is a win-win for both mental health AND the environment.

EcoWatch explores ethical shopping — the who, what, why, and where of shopping according to values that support a sustainable environment, animal welfare, or fairly treated workers. Data suggests that “voting with your dollar works.”

Growing your own veggies? That’s green! But maybe you have too much rhubarb and no broccoli? Try the Cropswap phone app to find other local gardeners who’ll swap produce with you.

Enjoying live theater is a low-carbon activity, but Broadway plays may be greener that you’d expect.

Launched in 2008, the Broadway Green Alliance (BGA) is an industry-wide initiative that educates, motivates, and inspires the entire theatre community and its patrons to implement environmentally friendlier practices on Broadway and beyond.

~ Broadway Green Alliance

Green & Vegan

Going vegan is going green — and, instead of a sacrifice, it’s delicious! Take a look at the menu below. You’ll be drooling.

Green Activism

May 24 – Students and workers all over the world are joining the Global Strike for Climate. Go to Fridays for Future to get details. Please let us know in the comments if you’re part of the strike, and what it’s like.

A map of the Global Climate Strikes of May 24, 2019

As points out, “a climate emergency deserves ACTION!”

The Green New Deal

Despite conservative and establishment resistance to the Green New Deal, everyone’s talking about how it should work. Do you think we’ll hammer out the details, and actually set it in motion?

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez informs critics of the Green New Deal of what is “too much” for her.

“Let me tell you what’s “too much” for me.” ~ AOC

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Revolutionary Progressive Candidates 2020: Medicare 4 All & No Corp Money!

With climate catastrophe, nuclear holocaust, runaway inequality, and the collapse of democracy breathing down our necks, only the most progressive candidates offer solutions that ascend to the challenge. So, here’s my comprehensive revolutionary Progressive Candidates 2020 list, beginning with progressive presidential candidates. All contenders within the pages of this list are ultimate progressives. With no fooling around, they meet BOTH the following criteria:

  1. No corporate money or favors (e.g., no Wall Street consultations)
  2. Supports single-payer Medicare for All (e.g., no private insurance options for duplicate services)

Last updated on October 12, 2020

No Corporate Money… At All

It’s vital for American voters to elect public servants who accept NO corporate money. Our representatives must be free of conflicts of interest. They must be free to serve the public, without obligation to wealthy donors. Our best bet is to elect political contenders from the Progressive Candidates 2020 list.

But how may we discern a candidate’s genuine freedom from Big Money? First, he or she refuses to accept corporate PAC money. They also abstain from fund-raising dinners and events that target wealthy individuals or special interest groups (a practice called “bundling”). Nor do they consult with Wall Street executives before launching a political campaign. And their fund-raising record is consistent with a “No Big Money” policy — for at least one previous election cycle if an incumbent. (See OpenSecrets.)

Single-Payer Medicare for All or Bust!

Full support of single-payer Medicare for All is the “litmus test” for genuine progressive politicians. Many (so-called) progressives claim they support it, but how can we tell if they’re sincere?

First, take note of the difference in meaning between phrases like “healthcare for all,” “healthcare is a human right,” “access to affordable healthcare,” “pubic option,” “protecting the ACA,” or making incremental “steps toward” some kind of universal healthcare — compared to a clear-cut, declarative statement that supports single-payer Medicare for All. The substitute phrases always indicate a watered-down version of Medicare for All.

Second, single-payer Medicare for All eliminates the need for private insurance companies. For-profit healthcare insurance providers may offer supplemental insurance coverage for cosmetic surgery or private hospital rooms, however, they cannot offer duplicate coverage. Most Americans will not need, or want, to purchase a supplemental insurance plan. Medicare for All makes great improvements on the current Medicare that people are familiar with. Medicare for All includes dental, vision, hearing, mental health, drug prescriptions, and nursing care facilities.

Healthcare cannot be considered a human right unless the government guarantees it. The best means to provide that is through single-payer. Any kind of insurance (auto, property, etc.) depends on a “risk pool,” the larger, the better. The many policy holders who do not need a payout, pay for the smaller group of policy holders who do. Therefore, we cannot allow private insurance companies to target a highly profitable young and healthy market demographic — while leaving American taxpayers to foot the bill for the healthcare of the oldest and sickest people in the country. Any government guaranteed healthcare plan with a “public option” or “choice” cannot be cost-effective.

Because healthcare IS a human right, its provision is incompatible with a free-market business model. What choice does the healthcare customer really have? You need to buy insurance; without it, you face far greater risk of permanent disability and/or premature death. In truth, the private, for-profit health insurance industry serves a captive market, not a free market.

In addition, a truly “universal” healthcare coverage eliminates class distinction, which aligns with the great American principle of democracy. In fact, the United States was called the “Great American Experiment” precisely because it aimed to build a classless democracy, right from the very beginning. A Single-payer Medicare for All, that benefits every American equally, honors the American spirit of democracy.

By the way, “private, for-profit” doesn’t mean “better.” According to presidential candidate Michael Bennet, Medicare for All is the “Cadillac” healthcare plan. (Although, he doesn’t support it.) Medicare for All includes prescriptions, dental, vision, and hearing. You may see any doctor you wish, and use any hospital you like; HMO network restrictions are over. For the majority of citizens, the tax increase will be appreciably less than what they currently pay for health insurance premiums, co-pays, and deductibles.

Medicare for All Opponent Admits It’s “Awesome” Insurance

Sen. Michael Bennet refers to Medicare for All as “Bernie’s Cadillac plan” and “awesome.” The interesting quotes start just after 1:00 minute into the video.

If Bennet’s remarks don’t make your head shake in wonder, then consider the results of a July, 2018 research study published at the Koch-funded Mercatus Center at George Mason University. Presumably, the study set out to prove the hypothesis that Medicare for All is too expensive. However…

A report that was supposed to discredit the single-payer solution found that, even after the benefits of a Medicare for All program are realized — ‘additional healthcare demand that arises from eliminating copayments, providing additional categories of benefits, and covering the currently uninsured’ — the potential cost of the plan would still be less than “potential savings associated with cutting provider payments and achieving lower drug costs.”

~ John Nichols, The Nation

Bernie Sanders responded to the Mercatus Center report with a “thank you.”

The question begs to be asked: Why is there opposition to Medicare for All, when it’s so good? Sadly, the answer points to the corrupting influence of Big Money in politics. Over the last 20 years, the pharmaceutical and health product industries have spent nearly $4 billion to lobby U.S. government officials. Modern Healthcare reported that the six largest health insurance companies spent a combined $6.2 million during the first quarter of 2017, when Republican efforts to dismantle the ACA were at their peak.

Imagine if those millions and billions of dollars had been directed toward cancer research. Today, we might be praising private pharmaceutical and insurance companies, instead of feeling like chumps. “We the People” need to elect principled, unbought, uncompromised leaders who can withstand the pressure involved with confronting corporate power and greed. You’ll find such leaders on the pages of this “Progressive Candidates 2020” list.

Industry Secrets From a Private Insurance Insider

Wendell Potter formerly served as CEO of communications at Cigna and Humana, and is author of the 2011 book Deadly Spin: An Insurance Company Insider Speaks Out on How Corporate PR Is Killing Health Care and Deceiving Americans. In the 2019 article cited below, Potter briefly outlines the deceptive public relations campaign employed by private heath care insurance companies. These industry PR talking points continue to dominate our current debate on single-payer Medicare for All.

Our propaganda duped Americans into believing that the free market can work in health care and that progressives want a government-run system…

After watching the first three Democratic debates and accompanying media coverage, I find that the industry strategy has been more effective in manipulating journalists and pollsters than I could have ever predicted. I feel compelled to speak up and help set the record straight when so many politicians and journalists are using talking points that come straight from health insurance central casting scripts.

~ Wendell Potter, President of

Nationwide Progressive Candidates 2020; a Multi-Page List

Revolutionary, unbought, progressive presidential candidates are featured right here, on this hub page of the 2020 candidates list. To see progressives running for U.S. Senate or U.S. House of Representatives, scroll to the state links below.

Each candidate entry allows you quickly grasp which policies are top-priority. For more details, simply click on a candidate’s name in order to link to his or her campaign website.

This Progressive Candidates 2020 list is a living document. Until the 2020 election takes place, it will be frequently updated.

US Progressive Candidates 2020
U.S. Progressive Candidates 2020 are revolutionary!

Presidential Candidates

The following Progressive Candidates 2020 are running for the office of U.S. President. Their campaigns are divorced from corporate money, and they fully support Medicare for All.

EDITOR’S NOTE: With disappointment, I removed several presidential candidates from the list: Elizabeth Warren, Marianne Williamson, Andrew Yang, and Kirsten Gillibrand. I really like them and appreciate their exceptional gifts, but they revealed a weakening stance on Medicare for All and/or dipped a toe into the alluring waters of Big Money. I fear the powerful American Oligarchy (corporate elites and billionaires) may easily manipulate such candidates. The Progressive Candidates 2020 list is reserved for leaders who can accomplish the “political revolution” that will get Big Money out of politics.

Bill de Blasio (D) for President – Ends Campaign 9/20/19.

Bill de Blasio (D) – “Working people first.” Bill de Blasio’s campaign website does not display his priorities. However, based on de Blasio’s New York City record as Mayor, and his campaign ad, we may anticipate that he supports… Climate Action • $15 minimum wage • Guaranteed Healthcare (??? – I will remove de Blasio from list if this does not translate to Medicare for All) • Universal Pre-K • Accepts No Corporate Money (I think.) ~ Editor, May 16, 2019

Bill de Blasio for President

Tulsi Gabbard (D) for President – Pulls Back Support for Single-Payer Healthcare

EDITOR’S NOTE: September 27, 2019 – I have confirmed that candidate Tulsi Gabbard does not fully support single-payer Medicare for All. Here’s why full support is important:

  1. A benefit like Medicare for All needs to be universal. Otherwise, those who do not partake of the benefit resent those who do, promoting class division.
  2. If private insurance companies are allowed to offer duplicate healthcare services, they will target the young and healthy market — leaving Medicare for All, and American tax dollars, to pay for the much more expensive healthcare of the sick and elderly. (See point 1.) “The pooling of risk is fundamental to the concept of insurance.

Here’s what Tulsi Gabbard recently said about healthcare:

Yes I support [Medicare for All]. I prefer to call it ‘Medicare Choice,’ where we are ensuring quality health care for all people regardless of how little they may have in their pocket or their bank account, while maintaining their freedom of choice. If they’ve got an employer-sponsored plan or a union-sponsored plan that they’re happy with, they should have the opportunity to do so.

~ Tulsi Gabbard, WBUR, Boston’s NPR news station

I still love Tulsi, but she no longer meets the criteria to belong on the “Revolutionary Progressive Candidates” list.

Tulsi Gabbard (D) – “Love and Service to Unite Our Country.” Medicare for All • Foreign Policy of Prosperity Through Peace • Reaffirm Only Congress Can Declare War • Criminal Justice Reform • End War on Drugs • Equality for All • Hold Wall Street Accountable • Honor and Empower Veterans • Public Education • Climate Action • Environmental Protections • Civil Liberty Protections • Paper Ballots • Racial Justice • Immigration Reform • Gun Safety • Women’s Rights • Social Security Expansion • Accepts No Corporate Money

Tulsi Gabbard for President 2020

Mike Gravel (D) for President – Ends Campaign 8/5/19. Endorses Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard.

Mike Gravel (D) – “Ending all wars.” Mike Gravel plans to drop out of the race after the Democratic debates, and endorse Bernie Sanders. He supports… Medicare for All • Foreign Policy of Peace • Ending Nuclear Threat • Non-Aggression Abroad • Departments of Peace and War • Military Spending Cuts • International Justice • Ending Support for Saudi Arabia • Economic Equality • American National Fund • $15 Minimum Wage • Antitrust Enforcement • National Reparations Trust Fund • Sex Workers Protections • Public Education • Free Pre-K • Free College Tuition • Student Debt Jubilee • Parental Leave • Free Child Care • Guaranteed Jobs Program • Labor Unions • Corporate Law Reform • Green New Deal • Public Banking • Worker Cooperatives • Progressive Tax Reform • Ending War on Drugs • Death Penalty Abolishment • Police Accountability • Prison Reform • Immigration Reform • Americans with Disabilities • Whistleblowers Amnesty • Free Public-Owned Internet • Electoral College Abolishment • Overturning Citizens United • Ranked Choice Voting • Term Limits for Federal Judges • Self-Determination for D.C., Puerto Rico, and Other Territories • Big Money out of politics • Accepts No Corporate Money

Sen. Mike Gravel aims to join the Democratic Party primary debates.

Mark Charles (I) for U.S. President

Mark Charles (I) – “For All the People.” Universal Healthcare (e.g., Medicare for All) • Abolish Slavery • Honor Treaties • Remove Racism, Sexism and White Supremacy from the Constitution • Gender Equality • Climate Action • Environmental Protections • Voting Reform • Remove Doctrine of Discovery as Legal Precedent for Land Titles • Election Reform • Campaign Finance Reform • Corporate Accountability • Accepts No Corporate Money

Howie Hawkens (G) for U.S. President

Howie Hawkens (G) – “Green for President.” Medicare for All • Nationalize Federal Reserve • Socialize Big Banks • 100% Clean Energy • Arms Industry Converted to Nonprofit Public Enterprises • Public Broadband and Net Neutrality • Online Platforms Antitrust Action • Racial Justice • LGBTQIA Justice • Ecosocialist Green New Deal • Agriculture and Rural Reconstruction • Peace Policies • Immigration Reform • Civil Liberties • Democracy Reform • Media Reform • Accepts No Corporate Money

Bernie Sanders (I) for President – Suspended Campaign 4/8/2020 (Still on the Ballot of Upcoming Democratic Primaries)

Bernie Sanders (I) – “Not me. Us.” Bernie Sanders is running as a Democrat, and stands for… Medicare for All • Free College Tuition • Student Loan Debt Forgiveness • $15 Minimum Wage • Universal Childcare and Pre-K • Equal Pay • Pro-Choice • Unions and Collective Bargaining • Employee Ownership • Green Jobs Program • Guaranteed Jobs Program • Social Security Expansion • Green New Deal • Climate Action • Veteran Benefits Expansion • Diplomacy First Foreign Policy • Stop Endless Wars • Military Spending Reductions • Disability Persons Protections • LBGQT Equality • Rebuild Puerto Rico • Wealthy Pay Fair Share Taxes • Commonsense Gun Reform • Criminal Justice Reform • Racial Justice • Immigration Reform • Empower Tribal Nations • Wall Street Reform • Investment in Rural America • Fair Trade Policies that Support Workers • Workplace Democracy • Reinvest in Public Education and Teachers • Big Money Out of Politics • Restoration of Democracy • Legalize Marijuana • Housing for All • Eliminate Medical Debt • Fair Banking for All • Accepts No Corporate Money

Bernie Sanders for President 2020

Corporate media maintains a blackout on Bernie Sanders. When they do report on him, the coverage is minimal, dismissive, or outright disparaging. Such a state of affairs inspired videographer Matt Orfalea to create the “Rising Up!” video. It went viral.

Bernie Sanders 2020: “Rising Up!” by Matt Orfalea

Progressive Candidates 2020 by State

Progressive Candidates 2020 are also running for U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives, as well as State Senate and State House or Assembly. Find them all, organized by state. Click on any state link below, to learn more about Progressive Candidates 2020 running in that state.

Democratic Primary Debates

In addition to a candidate’s policies and past record, we also assess how she or he debates an opponent. There will be twelve presidential candidate debates during the Democratic Primary process. They begin in June of 2019 and continue through April of 2020. The debate schedule is filling in as follows:

  1. June 26 & 27, 2019 – 9 PM ET – Miami
  2. July 30 & 31, 2019 – Detroit
  3. September 12 & 13, 2019 – Houston
  4. October 15, 2019 – Westerville, Ohio
  5. November 20, 2019 – Georgia
  6. December 19, 2019 – Los Angeles
  7. January 14, 2020 – Des Moines, Iowa
  8. January/February, 2020
  9. February, 2020
  10. February, 2020
  11. March, 2020
  12. April, 2020

Further Candidate Research

The following resources are helpful for further research on Progressive Candidates 2020 and their policies.

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Marianne Williamson for President: A Bold Progressive Platform

Marianne Williamson… I viewed the formal announcement of her candidacy for the Democratic nomination for President. I contributed to her campaign. Then I set my oven timer to 22 minutes, and meditated.

Here’s the video. Watch it. See what YOU do.

Can Williamson Surpass Sanders?

Anyone who knows me or reads my blog is aware that I love Bernie Sanders. Don’t worry, I still admire and support every wonderful thing Bernie does for the nation and our democracy. But now, I also entertain visions of President Williamson and Vice President Sanders. Or vice-versa.

Like Sanders, Marianne Williamson is a bold, policy-driven Progressive. You may go to Williamson’s campaign website and see exactly where she stands on the issues. Nothing is vague or fuzzy. Williamson is unafraid to publicly declare her Progressive political platform in detail. Of particular interest are her policies on the following issues:

  • Child Advocacy
  • Peace-Based National Security
  • Native American Justice
  • Racial Reconciliation & Healing

You may compare Williamson’s platform to other Presidential hopefuls on my new 2020 Progressive Candidates page.

By the way, the Williamson website is a thing of beauty. It’s elegant, functional, and logically organized — perfectly reflecting Marianne, herself. I don’t know who designed it, but it’s probably the best campaign website I’ve seen. (And I’ve looked at thousands.)

Williamson’s latest book is A Politics of Love: Handbook for a New American Revolution. The hardcover edition releases April 23, 2019.

Disclosure: Now that Amazon pays it’s warehouse workers a fair wage, I’m a proud Amazon Associate, and could earn a few pennies — if you purchase a book from one of my links. Thanks.

Wait Until the Debates!

Marianne Williamson has never held an elected office, yet we may be hopeful that she’ll make it to the Democratic Primary Debates. DNC Chairman Tom Perez says the new debate rules are “committed to a low qualifying threshold for early debates to avoid blocking legitimate candidates.” The attainment of certain levels for both national polling AND grassroots funding are prerequisites.

So picture a woman speaking from the Democratic Debate stage — who has 35 years of experience as an international lecturer. Imagine a woman who fluently bridges the boundaries of psychology, spirituality, and activism — with well-researched facts and logic. Envision a woman who will galvanize every protective, nurturing, mothering woman in America (and men with ears) — with a mission for child advocacy and saving the world. You are seeing Marianne Williamson.

You may catch Marianne’s riveting address to American women, and women around the world, in the video below. But I must issue a warning: You’ll want to watch it more than once!

Best Scenes from the 2019 Women’s March

The 3rd annual Women’s March was held in Washington D.C. yesterday. Did you participate? Did you follow the main events on TV or Internet?

I’ve collected my favorite scenes from the march, plus a gem from Marianne Williamson, who lectured at the Washington National Cathedral on November 30, 2018. Her talk delves into the power and vision that American women, that all women, must embrace now or never. I’ve included it here because it beautifully augments the 2019 Women’s March.

Now is the time for women (and good men) to step up to the plate, and fiercely play the political game in order to win justice for all. The children, the world, and the very Earth need us to take command over those motivated by self-perceived privilege and/or corporate greed. We must subdue those who have driven the world into devastating economic inequality and environmental disaster.

Thank you to all the women who marched, and to the men who support them.

Feminine Power & Policy

From the New York City sister-march, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez outlined the political course of feminine power.

Last year we took the power to the polls. And this year we’re taking power to the policy.

~ Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Best Women’s March Poster…

Most Poignant Slogan

In light of the climate crisis and urgent need for global collaboration to drive effective climate action, and along with women’s general overall skill and willingness for collaboration, the most poignant saying spied at the 2019 Women’s March is an old slogan from the 1970s.

“The Future Is Female.”

Canniest Slogan

The canniest slogan [5 of 35 slides] was seen at a sister-march in Melbourne, Florida:

“Make America Think Again.”

Rally Song

“Halfway There,” from ROZES, was the official rally song of the 2019 Women’s March.

We’re already halfway there. Are we gonna finish what we started or just leave it here?

~ From chorus of “Halfway There”

Female Spirit & Power

No one can pull together the spiritual and the intellectual like Marianne Williamson does. Listen to what she has to say to American women in the final session of the Washington National Cathedral’s 2018 Women’s November Series.

You will never be the same.

As if in reply to the question posed by ROZES, it’s clear that Williamson is betting on women to finish what they started.

We will do more than move mountains… We will go down in history as people who, in our time, did rise to the occasion… We were women who loved hard, and prayed deep, and in the final analysis, we kicked ass.

~ Marianne Williamson

The Future Is Female!

Election Update from a Mentally & Morally Challenged Florida

An editorial…

I live in Florida.

My friends and I watched the 2018 Midterm Election results last night, with some disappointment. By 1:00am, everyone had gone home. I went outside, and listened to an audio book on my tablet while playing ‘Fishdom’ — but actually ruminated — until 6:00am.

I live in Florida.

So Close, Yet so Far

Progressive Andrew Gillum missed becoming Governor by one percentage point. The Governor Elect is a racist and hate-monger. Democratic Senator Bill Nelson lost his seat to infamous Medicaid fraud CEO, Rick Scott, current Governor of Florida, by one percentage point.

I live in Florida. I am heart-sick.

I figure Hillary Clinton may have cost Andrew and Bill a precious point or two. It was shocking to learn, just after influential progressive Sen. Bernie Sanders had endorsed and campaigned for Andrew Gillum, that Hillary Clinton was scheduled to do the same. Why??? I gave Gillum my vote, despite the weirdness, but had feared he would lose support. Who can say?

If Hillary didn’t handicap voter turnout, maybe election fraud is the culprit. Extremely close races; hackable voting machines; a little American interference. Who knows?

Mentally & Morally Challenged

A power plant with multiple smokestacks
A suitable metaphor for The Holy Spirit?

I live in Florida. Half the population is mentally and morally challenged.

Think I’m exaggerating? An example (other than mass-shootings)…

The last time I attended church was Pentecost Sunday, which celebrates The Holy Spirit. The pastor enhances his sermons with projection slides. An image of the beautiful, blazing, life-giving, purifying Sun was anticipated — as time-honored metaphor of The Holy Spirit. But not this year. Rather, the congregation was treated to a snapshot of a… power plant… with vaporous clouds billowing from the smokestacks.

It was a “first” in my personal experience; seeing a man of God avail himself of something man-made and polluting — no, poisonous — to illustrate the power of The Holy Spirit. Abominable. (Not to mention, a clumsy artifice.)

When did the United Methodist Church become a member of the Far-Right Christian conglomerate? It didn’t. But never-the-less…

Unprecedented. Crazy. In Florida.

Oh yes… Dems Regained the House. Barely.


In the Midst of a Progressive Blue Wave

Congress hangs in the balance — everyone will be watching election results on November 6th! Progressives have an opportunity to join independent news outlets Democracy Now! or The Young Turks to follow live election results online. There will be no mind-bending. Neither of these networks will pretend we are not in the midst of a Progressive Blue Wave!

Not just a Blue Wave. A Progressive Blue Wave.

Until then, remember to share the 2018 Progressive Candidate list with anyone who may be interested. Like…

  • New voters
  • Independent voters
  • Potential non-voters
  • Disappointed Trump voters
  • Voters disgusted with violence and prejudice
  • Other progressive voters

Over 370 Progressive candidates throughout the United States won their primaries, and are running in the 2018 Midterm Election. Most of them are Democrats. When you add the Greens and Independents, there are nearly 500 Progressives up for the vote next Tuesday. All of them take a strong stand on one or both of the following priorities:

  • Big Money out of politics
  • Medicare for All (single payer)

In addition, there are multitudinous Democratic candidates whose campaign websites don’t clearly spell out a stance on “Money in Politics” or “Single Payer Healthcare” — but do boldly proclaim other Progressive values, such as a $15 minimum wage, or climate action, or free college tuition. They didn’t meet the criteria for my list, but they’re certainly leaning Left.

There are tons of Progressive and Left-Leaning Democrats in the race.

Bernie Sander’s efforts to pull the Democratic Party to the Left are working. While you don’t see evidence of that in the current party leadership, which hasn’t changed much, you see evidence in the hundreds of Progressive candidates running in 2018, many of whom refuse corporate PAC contributions.

Embrace the Progressive Blue Wave, vote, and elect a Progressive Congress in 2018.

Then hang on for 2020. It will be the Progressive Blue Tsunami. There will be thousands of Progressive candidates running for office in 2020.

2018 is exciting… and wait for 2020!

Richard Ojeda: Progressive Political Warrior

A Saturday morning treat for Progressives: Richard Ojeda (D-WV).

After serving 24 years in the U.S. Army, this man was shocked to return home and find the greatest nation on earth riddled with homelessness and opiates. So Ojeda “signed up” for politics. In the mood for public service mixed with courage? Ojeda is the political warrior for you.

We’ve got people that call themselves leaders, that can’t spell it. They think “leader” means you’re standing on top of a mountain looking down at everybody and they’re supposed to do everything to make you better. Where I come from the leader is down there with the people trying to elevate them. Where I come from, you don’t eat until your troops are fed. I’m a paratrooper. The first person out that aircraft is the leader.

~ Richard Ojeda

TYT Politics Contributor Ryan Grim spoke with Democratic congressional candidate Richard Ojeda about medical cannabis, the West Virginia teacher’s strike, and how Ojeda’s 24 years of military service inspired him to run for West Virginia Senate and now for U.S. Congress.

~ Rebel HQ

Ojeda is currently running for U.S. Congress in West Virginia’s 3rd Congressional District. Here’s one of his campaign ads.

See more of Ojeda’s videos on his Youtube channel.


November Is National Noveling Month

Is there a novel in you? Pull it out, word by word, 50 thousand of them, this November.


November is National Novel Writing Month, aka Noveling Month, and most fondly known as NaNoWriMo. You will never find this much motivation again… until next year. NaNoWriMo has been inspiring writers to spit out their novels since 1999. NaNoWriMo specifically motivates you to complete the first draft of your novel. Just get it out! You may edit your masterpiece once NaNoWriMo concludes.

NaNoWriMo 2018 logo
NaNoWriMo 2018

Prepare Writing Strategy

During the month proceeding your NaNoWriMo project, you should plan a writing strategy. Consider the following tips:

  • Create an outline for your novel
  • Develop characters, in your head and on paper
  • Diagram your novel’s twisty plot
  • Do background research
  • Tell people you will be laying low in November, and ask for their support (i.e., they should not disturb the Creative Process!)
  • Download helpful software apps for your noveling
  • Consider Google Docs, True Novelist, or Pencil — so you may write online, anytime
  • Freeze cook-ahead meals for November!

NaMoWriMo has more practical, and whimsical, suggestions for the planning stage. Check out their preparation page, and the video below:


A grueling… 1,666 words a day… November 1st through November 30th. Conclude your NaNoWriMo writing marathon with celebration: champagne, chocolates, a party!


Spend all the edit-time you need to polish your new novel.


If you’re inclined to go public, pop your baby into the free Reedsy Book Editor to create a professionally typeset book. Publish an ebook.

Up for NaNoWriMo Challenge?

Who’s up for the 2018 NaNoWriMo challenge? Which of you have done NaNoWriMo in previous years? I am totally jazzed for this. After laboring on my 2018 Progressive Candidates list since January, it’s time for creative fun. Chester*, here I come! (*Chester is the adorable, scruffy, little, white dog who stars in The Chester Chronicles. He has been terribly ignored. Not anymore!)

Novel or Bust!