Chris Hedges Is Reality, and Reality Is Healthy

I was in the hospital during the 2022 election results. (Ovarian cyst. Benign. Recovering nicely, but pain getting in or out of bed.) Last night, finally, I slept longer than two hours; 4-5 hours, in fact!

Even better, after the nice rest, I woke to the voice of Chris Hedges from the Chromebook at my bedside. Why was that good? Chris Hedges is not exactly “Mr Hopeful.”

Certainly not. But Hedges IS the perfect antidote to the Democratic Party’s groundless euphoria over not losing worse in the 2022 Midterm Election. Chris Hedges is reality, and reality is healthy!

Chris Hedges “America: The Farewell Tour” | Town Hall Seattle, 2018.

You see, our nation’s problems are long and deep, like a slow-growing cellular mass that could be cancerous and life-threatening. The Democrat’s 2022 semi-win did not remove, cure, or fix any of that. Problems can only be solved within the realm of reality.

I am personally healing from actual surgery, regaining health and strength–and I get a great booster shot of Chris Hedges’ reality. You grasp the serendipitous connection of Hedges to healing? Yes? No? You must listen to the video above.

Here’s wishing every Blue Voter a big swallow of bitter-tasting, but life-affirming, medicinal reality. If you haven’t yet met him, I offer you the brilliant Chris Hedges–author, teacher, war correspondent, ordained minister, and brave, hopeless man who continues to fight the Good Fight without beliving the “Good” can win. (WHY does he do that? Is he right to be hopeless?)

Stay real. Stay healthy. Stay strong!

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Website owner and administrator of “Progressive Graffiti.”

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