Sanders Alert: The Senate Competitiveness Bill Needs 2 Important Amendments

When Bernie Sanders was a U.S. House Member, he was known as the “Amendment King.” Now, he gives us an update on a major piece of legislation currently on the floor of the U.S. Senate. It’s called the “Competitiveness Bill.”

Bernie says the bill requires two important amendments, in order to remove:

  1. $53 billion in corporate welfare to microchip companies like Intel.
  2. A $10 billion check to Jeff Bezos’ company Blue Origins.
Bernie Sanders outlines the amendments needed in the Senate Competitiveness Bill.

Bernie promises to keep us posted.

By the way, if anyone thinks amending a bill is a simple task, they must read Matt Taibbi’s 2005 Rolling Stone article “Inside the Horror Show That Is Congress.” In it, Taibbi follows the Amendment King around Congress for a week or so, and describes what the amendment process is really like. It wasn’t what Taibbi expected!

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