The New 2022 Noncorporate National Candidates Nationwide Directory

The new 2022 Noncorporate National Candidates Nationwide Directory is located at Friends in DC. The directory is behind a paywall. It contains candidate website links and policy platforms.

You may use this directory with several goals in mind:

  • For research to write articles about noncorporate or progressive candidates.
  • To organize a nationwide plan of financial contributions to noncorporate candidates.
  • To organize social media campaigns that spotlight noncorporate candidates.
  • To inform your friends and family about noncorporate candidates and progressive policies in their states
  • Or you may pay for access, simply to support this work.

Why the Paywall?

I put the “2022 Noncorporate Candidate Directory” behind a paywall for protection. Some political eager beavers like to check my candidate list in order to update their own lists. That is OK. But someone uses an app that can harvest the information. While the harvesting process is underway, it causes Progressive Graffiti to repeatedly crash and go offline. That is not OK. That is really invasive.

Not everyone will be able or willing to pay for the 2022 directory. But don’t worry. I’ll be publishing open-access articles that utilize the candidate data. So keep an eye on Friends in DC for timely posts about the noncorporate progressive candidates running in the 2022 election. To help alert you, I’ve installed a Friends in DC rss feed on the front page of Progressive Graffiti.

Please Consider Subscribing to Friends in DC

You can subscribe to Friends in DC for free at Substack anytime, and easily unsubscribe anytime. I sure hope you’ll consider subscribing to the free articles, and keep me company over there with plenty of “hearts” and comments.

Remind everyone to vote. Here’s to a Progressive Congress!

Published by JoAnn Chateau

Website owner and administrator of “Progressive Graffiti.”

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