A Summer for Political & Social Action

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LAST UPDATED: August 24, 2021

The 2021 Covid-19 vaccine program rolled out successfully in the United States. The threat of a highly contagious serious disease is over. For the first time in over a year, most people can move about society mask-free and carefree. It’s a time to celebrate.

Still, the last 15 months have revealed the ragged, ugly depth of societal problems in America. More citizens now understand that we can no longer take the basics for granted. Living wages, health care, rent, police integrity, and democracy are under savage assault.

Even as we celebrate our restored public health and the freedom to move about this weekend, let’s remain aware of the mounting urgency for people to join the Good Fight. Maybe this Memorial Day will launch an incredible “Summer of Political and Social Action.” Particularly, if you help make it happen.

Good Fights – Summer 2021

Everyone can get involved in Good Fights, one way or another. If you can’t attend an action event in person, you may support it online or donate some money to the cause.

Here’s an agenda of nonviolent protests and civil disobedience, and issue advocacy happenings, that are going down this Summer. Bookmark this page. I’ll update you on all the nationally organized action events I learn about — that are taking place this June, July, and August. (Remember the sunscreen!)

If you’re looking for a Good Fight right in your own neighborhood, check into the regional chapters of activist groups. You may find one near you.

JUNE 2021 Political & Social Action

JULY 2021 Political & Social Action

August 2021 Political & Social Action

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