Join Public Citizen’s Gala Benefit for a COVID-19 Intervention

Public Citizen's 2020 gala benefit for a COVID-19 response

Public Citizen is hosting a gala benefit (online) for a full-fledged COVID-19 response intervention. Celebrity guests galore! (Including comedians!) The event streams live on Thursday, June 18, 2020, at 8:00 PM Eastern. Click the link to RSVP. Be there, or be square!

FEATURING: Lewis Black, Phoebe Bridgers, Steve Earle, Pramila Jayapal, Paula Poundstone, Sarah Silverman, Kandace Springs, Ray Romano, and Elizabeth Warren

What does Public Citizen have to do with COVID-19? It’s fighting for all the following interventions to help everyone make it through the coronavirus pandemic, in one piece.

  • Urgent Funding for States to Implement Vote-By-Mail Programs
  • Guaranteed Access to Healthcare
  • Expanded Federal Funding for Testing and Tracing
  • No IP/Patent Restrictions on COVID-19 Vaccines
  • Federal Government Commitment to Manufacturing a Vaccine
  • Relief Funds that Benefit People, Not Corporations
  • Bailout Funding Free of Corruption and Ethics Violations
  • No Regulatory Rollbacks
  • No Blanket Liability Shields for Corporations
  • Tighter IRS Oversight of Political Spending

Eager to support and fund Public Citizen’s war on COVID-19? Then join the gala event this Thursday, share clips with your friends, and donate a little money if you can. Together, we can accomplish anything!

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