Capital Paraders Told to “Get an Essential Job!”

Not all heroes wear capes.

I followed my neighbor to the capital parade. He put on a mask, and pulled my bandana over my nose. Everybody was looking at us. I never felt so excited — and wagged my tail harder than ever!

Then he started acting like the Pope. As people passed by, he gave each one a special word and gesture. Sometimes he offered spiritual advice. “Go get an essential job!” he would call, or “God hates dipsh*ts!” They often reciprocated with advice of their own, as if in leturical response.

Now I could see that the paraders were somberly petitioning, not celebrating. And they seemed to mean business. In fact, some of them actually said, “business should be open.” They were, obviously, parading in the open… all for the Common Good, I’m sure!

My neighbor blessed them, as they walked around and around in a circle. He probably doesn’t own a bejeweled chalice, but he did hold his precious smartphone aloft, as if to mark the sacred significance of a ceremonial procession.

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This crowd seriously needed to share their feelings, their opinions, their business, their germs, and well… everything! My neighbor just wants to help out. Please feel free to share his video.

~ Chester reports the Canine News & Views 🐾

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