Bittersweet: Bernie’s Final Campaign Ad

Bernie Sanders' last campaign ad

Bernie Sanders’ last campaign ad is bittersweet. It softly closes a door. And yet, another door that remains wide open, beckons to us.

While this campaign is coming to an end, our movement is not. Please stay in this fight with me.

~ Bernie Sanders

Remember: Bernie Sanders remains on the ballot. If your state has not yet held its Democratic Primary, you still have an opportunity to vote for him. These votes will award more delegates to Bernie. More delegates help Bernie push for progressive policies at the Democratic Party Convention in August.


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Published by JoAnn Chateau

Website owner and administrator of “Progressive Graffiti.”

57 thoughts on “Bittersweet: Bernie’s Final Campaign Ad

  1. Kyle Kulinski has a good suggestion. Send future donations that you were making to Bernie to Shahid Buttar who is primarying Nancy Pelosi. Shahid is a great progressive candidate.


  2. JoAnn, while watching Bernie’s last message to us, I finally allowed myself to cry over our loss. As we move forward together in our struggle, I will continue to support our progressive candidates whenever possible.


  3. There’s speculation that Andrew Cuomo is being cued up to replace Biden for fear that he’ll be clucking like a chicken by convention time.

    Perhaps it could go like this. The oligarchs make Biden an offer he can’t refuse. At the convention he withdraws his name, nominates Cuomo, and transfers his delegates to Cuomo. Cuomo wins on the first ballot.


      1. A lot of people agree. I just watched a new Jimmy Dore video where he discusses with his panel the impossibility of reforming the Dem Party from the inside.

        I often wonder why the Green Party has never really taken off. Historically, it seems that a new party, to be successful, needs a strong, charismatic leader in the initial years. The closest the Green Party came in that regard IMO was Ralph Nader, but when he left the stage, it seems the Green Party lost its momentum.

        Same with Ross Perot’s movement. It could have turned into a viable party, but when Perot withdrew from retail politics, his movement fell apart.

        It seems like there’s more interest in forming a new party with Nick Brana’s group than there is in the Greens. I don’t know why really.

        Without a compelling leader to attract a big chunk of the 40%+ of independents, I don’t see a third party becoming successful, but I have hope some great new leader will emerge. Who could it be? Maybe someone whose name we don’t even know yet. Someone young.


      2. Part of the Green’s problem is the 2-party resistance to a 3rd party. State requirements, for instance. Something any new party would face. I like Nick Brana’s proposal. I hope there can be come kind of coalition. Yes, we need a new great leader. Fingers crossed.


      3. Why in the world don’t we have minimum federal standards for elections which address all of our current problems surrounding elections including ballot access for third parties? The fact we don’t reveals what a fraud our so-called democracy is.


      4. True. Also why Dems don’t challenge Reps on stolen elections (like Gore). Fewer laws allow parties to fool around. And the same reason we don’t have Ranked Choice Voting, which would eliminate the “spoiler effect,” among other problems.

        Parties want to control outcomes. And, as usual, the real opposition is not the other party, but The People.


      5. I like the idea of Berniecrat progressives taking over the Green Party. The Green Party has already done the hard work of getting on all state ballots. Why start from scratch?

        Their presidential candidate this time is a Russiagater which is a disappointment. Too bad Jill didn’t run again.


      6. Yes, Jill Stein is by far the best candidate the Greens have had since Ralph Nader, or maybe their best candidate ever. She has a lot more charisma than Ralph. She should be the face of the Green Party.


  4. Here’s a head scratcher for everyone to ponder.

    What Democrat in the entire country would be worse than Joe Biden from a progressive perspective?

    In other words, is there a Democrat who is more right-wing than Biden on any important issue? If so, who is it?


  5. Biden has just appointed Larry Summers as an adviser. This appointment alone should disqualify Biden as an acceptable candidate but put it on the pile with dementia and a credible claim of sexual assault.

    Larry Summers’ record is horrible. He would certainly qualify to be a Trump adviser. See the new Rational National video entitled, “Biden’s New Advisor Means A Return To Garbage” on YouTube.

    No real progressive can stomach voting for Biden. The Democratic Party is spitting in our faces!


    1. The Democratic Party doesn’t want progressives, not even our votes. They don’t care about losing to Trump, because corporate lords will be happy enough with either Biden or Trump. As Cenk Uygur says, “Republicans are paid to win, and Democrats are paid to lose.”

      After Benie’s two vigorous efforts, it’s obviously time for all progressives to consolidate and get behind a 3rd party. It won’t be easy, but the Democratic Party has shown us (twice) that it will NOT be pulled Left.


      1. Absolutely. The Democratic Party has nothing but contempt for us. No more voting for the lesser of two evils, or this year, the lesser of two rapists.


  6. I thought I would listen to Our Revolution’s conference call tonight. The first speaker was Susan Sarandon. When she said she was going to vote for the demented, right-wing rapist, I hung up.

    Democratic Party apparatchiks are pushing this ridiculous idea that progressives will be able to influence Biden’s policies after we help elect him. Obviously, if Biden could be influenced, he would be supporting at least one or two progressive policies now in order to get our votes. He isn’t.

    We have as much chance influencing Biden as we do influencing Trump.


    1. I agree with your basic sentiment. It’s probably hopeless to try to persuade Biden, but I guess it’s one of those things that must be tested or tried.

      What do you think of Jesse Ventura’s exploration of running for Prez as Green? Hard Lens Media talked about his and Trump’s wrestling background last night, and it was very interesting.


      1. I’m ready to consider anyone besides Trump, Biden and Hawkins. Ventura has a show on RT America. Jimmy Dore sits in for him when he’s off. I know he doesn’t like foreign interventionism. I’m not sure what his domestic policies are.


      2. I saw a 2015-16 video of Ventura talking up single-payer medicare for all. And he’s into environmentalism… I haven’t watchen his RT show, but will.


      3. That’s encouraging. Jesse will not hesitate to speak truth to power too. We desperately need that.


      4. To all those considering Biden, I ask what concrete improvements to ordinary Americans’ lives is Biden offering?

        ZERO, with the exception of lowering the Medicare to age 60 (effing Hillary offered to lower it to 50) and a few other tepid, ineffective proposals.

        All he really offers is that he’s not Trump. That’s not enough any more.

        He talks about leadership, but what leadership, in terms of solutions and policy proposals, has he shown on any issue?


        When you add dementia and a well-corroborated sexual assault to the mix, what have you got?


      5. Right. Just that Biden might be less apt to hit the nuclear button, and likely to mend ties with global allies (NATO, WHO, various countries). For these reasons, if I lived in a swing state, I’d support Dem nominee. But the problem is, before Trump, we were heading toward disaster. And with climate emergency upon us, we don’t have time left to fool around, placating a global corporate cartel.


      6. To give the devil his due, Trump has shown much less enthusiasm for war than Biden, Hillary and Obama. Spending billions of dollars more on nuclear weapons is disturbing, but I have no reason to believe Biden and his ilk would do anything different.

        The climate experts I read say that what little Biden proposes on the climate, like rejoining the Paris accords, is much too little to do any good.

        I’m not betting on the come any longer. I have done that for decades with nothing to show for it.

        When someone tells me he would veto my most cherished political objective and has a lifelong right-wing and ultra right-wing voting record on every significant issue, that’s enough for me.

        BTW, does NATO serve a useful purpose any longer? Does anyone really think Russian tanks will roll into Western Europe if NATO ceases to exist? Without the Soviet threat, NATO is a military alliance in search of a war.


      7. All good points. The only way people can regain power (democracy) over a government ruled by a corporate cartel is by a viable 3rd party or revolution in the streets. Most likely both, toghether. Meanwhile, there is an argument for voting Trump, and enduring 4 more years of him, than voting Dem and having a likely 12 years of neoliberalism. 12 years puts us well past the time to take meaningful climate action. Etc. At this point, I wouldn’t criticize anyone for who they support, or if they choose not to vote at all. I don’t know the correct answer there, all choices being crap.


  7. I am told Lenin believed in and practiced making things worse in order to bring on the revolution. If there was a humane person working for the Czar and a cruel, heartless person, Lenin would order the assassination of the humane person. That is the argument for voting for Trump.

    If I thought there was a chance Biden would make anything even mildly better, I would vote for demented rapist neoliberal Joe, but he is by far the worst of the lesser of two evils I have ever seen.


  8. BOMBSHELL interview with Tara Reade’s neighbor, Lynda LaCasse, leaves little doubt about Biden’s guilt. She confirms Reade’s allegation in detail based on what Reade told her 2 or 3 years after Biden’s assault. See “Tara Reade’s Ex-Neighbor on Biden Sexual Assault Allegation: I Believed Her Then & I Believe Her Now” on Democracy Now.

    Lynda LaCasse exudes credibility. She came forward on her own accord.

    Corroborating witnesses so far: a friend of Tara’s, her brother, her mother via a call to Larry King, a co-worker, and now this neighbor.

    How much more evidence does anyone need?

    What should concern voters even more so is Biden’s ultra right-wing voting record on major issues and the fact he now suffers from dementia.


  9. Nina Turner joins Movement for a People’s Party!

    Nina speaks truth to power. She could be the next leader of the progressive movement.


  10. Secret Service Agent: we couldn’t allow our wives and girlfriends around Biden

    It’s turning into a Harvey Weinstein/Bill Cosby deluge now.

    Biden groped everything that moved.

    www DOT youtube DOT com/watch?v=WBDJpcnLQuM&t=28s

    A secret service agent had to be restrained from punching out V.P. Biden after he groped the agent’s wife’s breast.

    Rest assured the mainstream media won’t report this until they absolutely have to.


      1. True but people won’t know about it because the MSM won’t report it.


  11. What progressives (and many independents) desperately want and aren’t getting: leaders who will risk their careers by standing up to the Democratic Party establishment and calling out its leaders like Biden and Pelosi when faced with a moral or fundamental issue. For example, how can Bernie and especially the squad look girls and women in the face and endorse Biden? It’s disgusting.

    Graham Elwood nails it (“AOC & Bernie Are Hypocrites For Endorsing Rapist Biden”):

    www DOT youtube DOT com/watch?v=L9LOQiVcK30


      1. Are you sure JoAnn? Granted, some people like AOC criticized the corporate bailout bills, but who is on record voting against them? What senator, including Bernie Sanders, put a hold on them?

        Who, including the squad, refused to endorse right-wing, sexual predator Biden? (It killed me when Jayapal endorsed him.)

        There of course is a reason. I am sure Dem Party leaders, especially Pelosi, threaten to sideline or ruin the careers of anyone who refuses to vote with Party leadership. At a minimum, I would at least like someone to make that public and explain how the Dems carry out that threat. We deserve to know.


      2. Threats may hem them in, but the progressives are still trying to promote justice policies the best they can. They’re picking battles. It is an impossible situation. That is why we must go 3rd party. The greed, self-service, and corruption of the 2 big parties are (nearly) beyond belief.


      3. Well said. Totally agree. Both parties and their leaderships are totally corrupt.

        I will continue to give to progressive/Justice Dem candidates. I will most likely support Jesse Ventura for president if he runs in the Green Party.

        I don’t see how Biden’s candidacy can possibly survive his dementia and the well corroborated sexual assault claim. Some claim Hillary is waiting in the wings. OMG.


      4. Ventura is not running for the Greens. That possibility is over. That’s all I know on that, don’t know why. Hillary’s presidential aspirations are painfully pathetic. OMG. Indeed.


  12. Biden endorsed a Republican candidate in a close election in swing-state Michigan in 2018. Why? For $200,000.

    www DOT youtube DOT com/watch?v=qGeKIf8Sojc


    1. Yes, disgusting. The whole 2020 Democratic Primary was a sham. Over the centuries, ruling elites have argued that they know better than the plebes. The Biden candidacy thoroughly contradicts that theory.

      I have a political theory of my own: Too much interbreeding (partisanship) makes a political party dumb and disabled (dysfunctional).


      1. It’s truly remarkable how out of touch the Democratic Party elite are with ordinary people. It’s almost laughable. They actually believe many Dems were just too lazy to get out and vote for Hillary and that’s why Trump won. That’s what Michelle Obama said recently. The Dem Party elite can’t conceive of the truth: that ordinary Dem voters knew Hillary would be a continuation of Obama’s neoliberal, interventionist policies, and they didn’t want another 4 years of that.


      2. Sadly, I just talked to someone who is still stuck in the lesser of two evils mode. He doesn’t even care that Biden is a rapist because he’s the lesser of two rapists. I told him I am not voting for Biden because he doesn’t offer me anything I want. He’s willing to settle for the Supreme Court appointment (to secure Rowe). That’s it. I told him that isn’t enough for me any longer. Besides, Biden is already responsible for putting Clarence Thomas on the court. He won’t appoint anyone as good as RBG.


      3. You and I understand that corruption, crony capitalism, the corporate cartel, whatever you want to call it… is the problem. Maybe Trump is a smidgeon worse than Biden. I don’t argue with how people want to vote. If not Bernie, I don’t give a flying fig who wins the presidency — the 2020 contest is over. Unless Trump is done-in by COVID-19, he will be re-elected. If he makes it through the corona crisis, no corporate Dem can beat him. Meanwhile, both parties, Republicans and Democrats, have let their countrymen down. They do many bad things, but now we know (for sure) they don’t care if regular people live of die. COVID tells the truth.

        It’s time for The People to take our country back. 3rd Party! Feet in the Street!

        You know, if both establishment Republicans and Democrats keep relying on low voter turnout to win their seats — one day they’ll be very surprised when Independents decide to vote. Bernie got us to 2nd or 3rd base. Now, it’s time for “US” to bring it “home.”


  13. 51% of Bernie voters are “likely” to consider voting 3rd party:

    www DOT youtube DOT com/watch?v=kMLhKPIi1BY

    I’m surprised it’s not 75% or even 95%. Bernie voters are motivated by policies, not labels.

    Is this the last nail in Biden’s coffin?


    1. People are very frightened of a Trump re-election. Particularly Bernie, thus his Biden endorsement. However, if the covid crisis doesn’t dismantle Trump, he is likely to win 2020. Trump supporters are ultra-loyal, believing he is GREAT! Like lazy Democratic “educated” suburbanites (who likely have blue-collar union members for parents), they base their votes on a woefully one-sided information feed from corporate media.

      Still, Tara Reade’s sexual assault accusation accumulates more substance. The most recent: secondary info about sexual assault trauma during the time she worked in Biden’s office appears in her divorce proceedings record. Biden may need to drop out.

      If Biden folds his campaign, do you think we could pressure the DNC to make Bernie the nominee?


      1. Most Trump followers like him because they perceive him as anti-establishment. He is good at crafting that myth.

        I think the corporatist neolib DNC will do anything to keep Bernie from getting the nomination. They would prefer to lose to Trump.

        What percentage of Democratic Party voters do you think we progressives really represent? Are we really the base?


      2. I don’t think progressives form the base of the Dem Party. The base is largely low-information and votes blue-no-matter-who. The Dems don’t seem to need progressive voters.

        However, that may be because both the Republican and Democratic parties get buy on low voter turnout.

        Which leaves, in theory, a lot of voters to support a 3rd party.


      3. Absolutely. The winning combination is progressives, independents, and those who don’t participate in the political process because they never have anyone to vote for who will fight for what they want. What they want is the progressive agenda.

        We just need candidates who can excite independents and the disaffected. Bernie and the squad show it can be done.

        You are a skilled, effective writer, and (I would bet) speaker, JoAnn. I suspect you would make a good candidate. Ever thought about it?


    1. I’m too abrasive. I could write or help write speeches for someone else.

      Also, I live in an ultra right-wing district.


      1. Ha! Writing allows the edit. I live in a district like that, too. I’ve run into a few progressives, but haven’t converted a single right-winger. Frustrating!


      2. The right-wingers are like a different species. For one thing, they lack empathy. Unless a social problem happens to them personally, they don’t care about it or the people who are affected.


      3. That’s what the social scientists say. Outside of a small circle of existence, they’re oblivious. Albeit, they are helpful and kind to people they know personally. Because of that, they feel like good and godly people, while incapable of applying the Brotherly Love principle farther afield.


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