Bernie Sanders Suspends 2020 Presidential Campaign, Continues Fight for Justice

Bernie Sanders suspends his 2020 presidential campaign

In a dignified and thoughtful address, Bernie Sanders told his supporters today that his 2020 presidential campaign is suspended. He spoke for about ten minutes. His words were selfless. He emphasized the continuing progressive justice movement. Only at the end, as he reflected on the beauty of the American people, did he come close to shedding a tear.

Bernie Sanders officially announces the suspension of his presidential campaign.

Though his campaign is suspended, Bernie will remain on the ballot. This allows him to accumulate as many delegates as possible, in order to impact policy negotiations at the DNC Convention in August.

I am not surprised by the news. But I am heartbroken. It’s very sad that our nation let THE politician-of-a-lifetime slip through its fingers… a second time.

Opinion: Bernie Sanders is too good for a wobbling U.S.A. Incorporated. Democratic voters opted for NO change. They WANT a President CEO to head the government. Easily impressed by business, money, and profit, these Democratic voters are blind to their own complicity in the escalating global climate emergency and an imminent economic collapse.

Facts: I’m relieved. I no longer need to worry about President Sanders getting assassinated. I’m confident. Bernie will continue building the anti-corruption justice movement for all Americans. (Whether they all appreciate it, or not.)

By virtue of a coalescing movement, Bernie Sanders will continue to guide the United States. He will do everything possible to steer our democracy through peril, and toward justice.

Admittedly, many people will still be ignorant of Bernie’s powerful political influence. After all, corporate TV supports the Elite Establishment, and isn’t going to tell their audience anything about class warfare or economic justice.

Yet I assure you, when Bernie Sanders operates under the media radar — that’s where he really gets things done. Whatever Democratic presidential candidates are anxious to promise American voters in 2024, it’ll be thanks to Bernie’s ongoing, untelevised, grassroots activism.

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14 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Suspends 2020 Presidential Campaign, Continues Fight for Justice

  1. Does the Democratic Party really think it can win with a right-wing, brain-damaged, rapist?

    Tara Reade: [Joe Biden’s assault] “shattered my life.”

    We need T-shirts and bumper stickers:

    Hell No to RapistJoe!


  2. Joann, Bernie is a class act and I have always appreciated his willingness to tell people the truth. I have two favorite moments in mind when I think of Bernie. In 2016, the most Christian and heartfelt speech to the students of Liberty University was made by a little Jewish Senator from Vermont. He actually won some folks over. The other is he stood up in front of coal miners in West Virginia and told them the truth…

    Best regards, Keith


    1. Thanks for sharing your opinion, Keith. I respect your view, but of course don’t agree with it.

      The time-frame to honor Bernie Sanders runs from 2016 through 2020, and beyond. Of course no politician is perfect, but Bernie comes very close!

      It isn’t just that I don’t like Joe Biden, or that he can’t beat Trump. I’m disgusted with the Democratic Party. The 2020 Democratic Primary, for instance, was a disaster. The DNC broke their own debate rules several times, to block outsider candidates and to accomodate a billionaire. The mismanagement of the Iowa Caucus. The DNC-Super-Tuesday-Coup. Encouraging in-person voting during a deadly pandemic. There wasn’t a shred of actual “democracy” throughout the entire process.

      Today I changed my political party affiliation from Democratic to Green. #DemExit


      1. It’s like the oligarchy gets a kick out of nominating the most repellent candidate possible for the fake people’s party purely to insult its progressive base. The nominee gets worse every four years. Now they present us with not only a corporatist warmonger (Hillary was that) but a rapist! They are laughing at us.

        A new leader will rise up and seize the mantle from Bernie.


      2. People who promote Biden never talk about his actual record because it’s awful. They speak in generalities. The closest they come to a criticism is he’s “imperfect.”

        They praise him for his “long career of public service” which only means he collected a government paycheck for a long time. It certainly doesn’t mean he acted in the public interest. Biden’s record and the public interest are polar opposites.

        Biden (amazingly) tells a story about himself starting out as a young politician who sought to sell himself to special interests. He was told to come back when he was older. He is a prostitute to corporate interests, always has been, and he is proud of it.


      3. JoAnn, thanks for letting me comment. Your replies are always respectful and candid. Thank you for that. I am an Independent voter for a reason as I would love to see the monopoly on both major parties devalued. There is too much tribalism. Our team must win and yours must lose.

        From where I sit, if Trump wins another term, we all lose. The Environment, climate change concerted action, freedom of the press, liberal values surviving in court, the US reputation, etc. Plus, we will have four more years of the most “indecent and unempathetic” president. The quote is also from conservative David Brooks.

        Best wishes on continuing to push for the issues you believe and the manner in which you do. Keith


  3. Nick Brana’s Movement for a People’s Party is holding a Special National Call tonight at 8:30 p.m. to discuss forming a new party. Sign up at


  4. Mike Figuerado on The Humanist Report talks about what it will take for him to vote for Joe Biden in a video entitled “Joe Biden to Bernie Supporters: ‘I Know I Need to Earn Your Votes’,” and IMO he says what most progressives think on the subject.

    First and foremost, Biden needs to come out strongly for progressive policies like Medicare for All and tuition free college at state institutions. Secondly, he must choose a real progressive for V.P., not a fake progressive like Kamala Harris. Will he do these things? Very likely not.

    Even if Biden did proclaim his newfound support for, say, Medicare for All, would that seal the deal? No, because, while he’s not in Trump’s league, Biden is a serial, if not compulsive, liar. He has a long history of saying what he has had to say to get elected and then betraying the public trust. He’s one of the foremost fake liberals.


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