Make Your Own Corona Virus Face Mask, No Sewing

A family wearing coronavirus face masks

Can’t find a face mask to wear in public to help slow the spread of COVID-19? You need to make one yourself, but don’t own a sewing machine?!?

(This is not an effective face mask.)

No worries. You can still be a good citizen.

Head to your junk drawer. Check the back of your closet. You probably have the necessary components on hand to make your own face mask, no sewing involved.

The CDC provides instructions on how to create face masks out of t-shirts and bandanas. The t-shirt method only requires shirt material and a pair of scissors. However, this method creates a mask with only one layer of cloth. Two layers of cloth offer more protection.

I tried the bandana method. All it takes is a bandana, two rubber bands, a coffee filter, and a little folding. See the easy instructions below.

How to fold a bandana into a face mask. Photo:

U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams demonstrates how to fold an old t-shirt into a face mask. See the video below.

Dr. Jerome Adams uses an old t-shirt to create a face mask. The result has several layers of material.

Good luck with your homemade masks. Practice pandemic safety. Stay well.

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