Elected Leaders Are Not That Into Us – Wednesday, the Last 24

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One of my obsessions is independent news. So while isolating during the Coronavirus Crisis, I’ll try to share a daily YouTube playlist of pertinent news and views. Listen to it while you’re knitting or doing push-ups.

Then call someone. Remind them they’re not alone in this. We are not alone, we are many.

Our Leaders Don’t Love Us

Rejection is difficult to deal with. And right now, it’s obvious that our elected leaders are not that into us.

From Trump wanting people to go back to work, to the Texas Lt. Governor’s willingness to die rather than save lives, we may assume: our elected officials do not love us.

(Except for Bernie Sanders, other progressives, and a few good Democrats. Possibly, a Republican or two.)

Proof: Follow the Money

How can you tell? Money follows love. This is true when Dad writes his will, and it’s true when Congress balances the budget. Now connect the dots… (this is the fun, puzzle part)… If Americans hardly get anything… for all the taxes they pay… (Ouch. Sniffle. This is the ugly part, when suppressed realizations come crowding in)…

That’s right. You knew all along. But instead of dealing with rejection with adult equanimity, too many Democratic voters bent over backwards in a desperate attempt to make Party Leaders love them — resulting in an excess of Super Tuesday votes for the iffy Joe Biden.

That’s right. Everyone knows Joe Biden is iffy, which brings us to our next conclusion… If Democratic leadership knows Biden is iffy, and is likely to lose the General Election…

That’s right. The Democratic Party put their weight behind Donald Trump’s second term. (He’s extremely useful for “resistance” fundraising.)

Enter Coronavirus Crisis

But the joke may be on Democratic leaders, instead of voters. Enter Coronavirus Crisis. The more poorly President Trump handles the current crisis, the more likely Biden could win the 2020 Election.

Establishment Democrats have backed themselves into a corner. The only way to avoid an iffy President Biden, is to nominate former front-runner Bernie Sanders.

Responsible News Provider Capitulates

PBS may be the first mainstream media outlet to accept these new circumstances. Instead of blocking Bernie Sanders, last night they aired Bernie’s Coronavirus town hall on the PBS News Hour.

What else can a responsible news provider do? President Trump wants to send people back to work prematurely, assuring many more Americans would die. A sicko Texas Lt. Gov says elders are willing to die, in order to save the stock market. Speaking of stocks, some U.S. Senators buy and sell them, illegally, based on insider information — capitalizing on the Coronavirus, while failing to warn the public.

I thanked PBS for their public service.

Click the gray area above to watch Bernie Sanders’ Coronavirus Town Hall on Twitter.

Today’s Playlist

Here’s today’s independent newsy playlist, with progressive views. And a musical ending. Listen, as you isolate. We’re all in this together. Peace.

Progressive independent news from the last 24 hours.

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8 thoughts on “Elected Leaders Are Not That Into Us – Wednesday, the Last 24

  1. Who is going to vote for DeathRattleJoe after watching his recent videos and interviews? Aside from the fact he looks like he has one foot in the grave, he shows no leadership at all. He has nothing to contribute except I’m not Trump. Who does show real leadership? Bernie. It’s not too late.


      1. I’m listening to Bernie’s livestream about the coronavirus legislation on YouTube. It should be shown on all the networks but of course it isn’t. He reveals that the Republicans didn’t want to send any money to poor people, presumably because if you are poor, you don’t deserve any help even though the poor need it the most. If a poor person is diagnosed with the virus, there’s no guarantee that he or she can even get treated.

        Bernie wanted a $2000/month UBI for everyone during the crisis but couldn’t get it. He decries the massive amount of corporate welfare in the bill. It’s not the bill he or any progressive would have written.

        CNN and the major networks don’t want people to hear this.

        I’m sure it will be posted on Bernie’s YouTube channel if anyone wants to hear it.


  2. Here’s something that definitely won’t be broadcast by the mainstream media.

    Dylan Ratigan says the stimulus bill is another opportunity for the super rich to buy more of other people’s assets at fire sale prices with taxpayer money resulting in further wealth consolidation by our nation’s oligarchs.

    According to Ratigan, we are living in “a rapacious, destructive oligarchy that is funded by the taxpayer at the expense of the taxpayer.” They will wait 3 months before they start throwing people out of their homes and destroying people’s lives, but they are anxious to do it. Great interview on Jimmy Dore.

    “Stimulus Bill: An Abomination Beyond Comprehension–Staggering Corruption”


      1. The bill is offering the little guy next to nothing while enriching the super rich. If the virus crisis drags on, people are going to become desperate for money and crime will skyrocket. Think of the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution. It could happen here. The super rich and their politicians should have sense enough to at least give the peasants enough to live lest the guillotine comes back in fashion.


      2. You are right. Along with crime, there’s also suicide and domestic abuse to worry about. What is so sad is that voters don’t understand that our government is corrupt. Legally, perhaps, but brilliantly corrupted by Big Money. They also don’t get that wealthy elites really (really!) don’t care if regular Americans live or die. Power corrupts not just business transactions, but morals (life is sacred), ethics (justice for all), values (families and communities), and principles (democracy).


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