2 Added Progressive Independent News Commentators for Bernie Sanders Supporters

The writing on the wall: Independent NEWS

Tired of Bernie-Bashing? I added two progressive political news commentators to Independent News Outlets. One is new on the scene. The other is an old favorite. Neither presumes to lecture Bernie Sanders about where he “went wrong” with his presidential campaign — which is so very refreshing!

The Concise Christo Aivalis

Newcomer Christo Aivalis presents a concise, cogent delivery of the day’s progressive political news. Though his hair can be a terrible mess, you never think he just rolled out of bed. He’s sharp.

His commentary is prepared and professional. His commentary is smart. He admires the policies of Bernie Sanders. Christo happens to be Canadian.

Bernie Sanders SLAMS Reporter: “‘I’m dealing with a f**king global crisis” | Christo Aivalis

Tim Black Has a Way With Words

The seasoned Tim Black is a creative political commentator. He knows how to break the rules of communication, so his ideas break through to an audience. Besides having a way with words, Black is funny enough to be a standup comedian.

But he’s serious.

Tim Black is committed to the policies of Bernie Sanders — for his people, black Americans, and for everyone else. He goes at political commentary with the heart of a progressive activist.

Biden Voters Mostly Want Bernie Policies | Tim Black TV

Expose Your Friends & Family to Independent News

You’ll find a useful selection of news and commentary sources at the top 12 Bold Independent Progressive News Outlets, including numerous “honorable mentions.” Share it far and wide. We need to guide more people into independent news.

Challenge your friends and family to add at least one non-corporate news source to their daily consumption of cable news media. Imagine the lively discussions you’ll be able to have with them, as they begin to learn what they never knew.

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Published by JoAnn Chateau

Website owner and administrator of “Progressive Graffiti.”

2 thoughts on “2 Added Progressive Independent News Commentators for Bernie Sanders Supporters

  1. Both of these guys are great.

    The corporate (meanstream) media are a waste of time in terms of gaining a real understanding of issues. They can’t or won’t ask the important and often obvious questions. Independent progressive media will. JoAnn’s list of news and commentary outlets is excellent.


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