Is Sanders the Only One Serious About Beating Trump?

Bernie Sanders speaking at North Carolina rally

In the twinkle of an eye, the Democratic Establishment rallied behind Joe Biden for Democratic Nominee — and were hugely successful. Joe surged ahead of Bernie Sanders and snatched away the title of “front-runner.” Battle won. All is fair in love and politics, etc. But if beating Donald Trump in the 2020 General Election is the ultimate objective, then the war has been lost.

Biden Is the Weakest of Candidates

Joe Biden has a poor record. He fumbled on the Iraq War, NAFTA, bankruptcy law (which created the present day student debt crisis), and gay marriage. He threatened Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and veteran benefits four times, while attempting to freeze government spending, and helped deregulate the banking industry. Joe Biden is, and has always been, a corporate Democrat. He was nicknamed the “Senator from MBNA.” (MBNA was the largest independent Delaware-based credit card company, until acquired by Bank of America in 2006.) Biden’s work for credit card companies aroused Professor Elizabeth Warren’s ire.

Over time, Biden’s exertions on the bankruptcy bill began to shape his national reputation. “His energetic work on behalf of the credit card companies has earned him the affection of the banking industry and protected him from any well-funded challengers for his Senate seat,” Warren wrote in the Harvard Women’s Law Journal. “This important part of Senator Biden’s legislative work also appears to be missing from his Web site and publicity releases.”

~ Tim Murphy, Mother Jones

These are the shortcomings with which Donald Trump would crucify Joe Biden’s integrity.

On a lighter note, Joe Biden is plagued by bouts of plagiarism, tall tales, and gaffes. In recent years, there seems to be an impediment between his brain and lips. Does Biden suffer from stuttering or dementia? Is he a liar, frustrated movie script writer, or confabulator (attempting to fill in memory gaps)? Is he too lazy to express ideas in his own words? These are the Biden foibles that would inspire Trump’s cruelly comedic derision.

“Electability” Is a Manufactured Issue

Just before Super Tuesday, the Corporate Democratic Party exerted its considerable clout in order to back Joe Biden, a candidate who is clearly unable to effectively challenge Donald Trump for President. Why, if “electability” is so important?

Obviously, “electability” is not important. What’s important to Democratic leadership is to block Bernie Sanders from the nomination. “Electability” was, all along, a manufactured issue — devised for the purpose of instilling fear in voters. The cry of “electability” was meant to distract voters from values or policies to be won, and to reduce their focus to just one thing: beating Trump. “Electability” is a propaganda technique.

Why do corporate Democrats reject Bernie Sanders? Because Sanders rejects corporate money. Therefore, Sanders cannot be influenced by wealthy special interests. While Sanders is a boon for democracy, he’s an existential threat to an elite Washington power structure.

Still, it is true that some American voters want to quash Medicare for All and the Green New Deal. They don’t want a political revolution. They don’t want big changes. They are safe and comfortable, enough. And because they stoutly disapprove of Donald Trump’s words and actions, they are morally pleased with themselves, enough. After all, “enough is enough.” But don’t such voters deserve at least an Amy Klobuchar to get behind?

Bernie Sanders speaking at North Carolina rally
Bernie Sanders speaking at a rally in North Carolina.

The Self-Sacrifices of Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders could have run for President completely independent of the Democratic Party. He wouldn’t be dealing with a demoralizing assault on his campaign right now, and could have avoided useless Democratic debates sponsored by the corporate news media. Bernie Sanders does not need the Democratic Party. He has his own volunteer army, a coveted email list, and free-flowing cash bubbling up from the grassroots.

Sanders sacrificed his freedom from the Democratic Party in order to prevent the worse-case scenario: a split vote that would allow Trump to win a second term. Sanders is serious about beating Trump.

Sanders does not need to begin every criticism of a Democratic colleague with she/he “is my friend.” He does so because he’s a realist, not an egomaniac, and recognizes it is possible one of his Democratic opponents could win the nomination, instead of himself. In which case, he doesn’t want his supporters too turned off by the competition — to the extent they wouldn’t support the eventual Democratic nominee, if not Bernie. That’s how serious Sanders is about beating Trump.

Plenty of Sanders supporters criticize him for not aggressively attacking his opponents. However, that isn’t Sanders’ way. His goal is to reform a corrupt and dysfunctional political system, not to humiliate or destroy individuals. Most politicians are ordinary people, yet the incentives and pressures to conform to a corrupt system are extraordinary. Does Bernie’s holding back from attack sometimes weaken his case? Yes, I believe it does. People are impressed by force. But that’s a risk Sanders takes. Because there must always be enough strength left standing to keep fighting a dangerous demagogue, even if Bernie were to fall from the race. That’s how serious Bernie is about beating Trump.

The Wisdom of King Solomon

From the perspective I’ve put forth, Bernie’s way of campaigning may remind us of the story about two women who fought over one baby. (Based on 1 Kings 3:16-28.)

To end their dispute they were having over the baby, they went before King Solomon to be their judge. Each woman pulled the child toward herself, as she defended her own case as the legitimate mother. After a while, the child was being vigorously pulled in both directions at once, in danger of serious injury. Then, one woman released her grip on the baby. The other woman clutched the babe to herself in victory.

But wise King Solomon noticed the woman who sacrificed her own desires, for the sake of the baby. And he knew exactly who the real mother was.

Again, I ask, is Bernie Sanders the only one who seriously wants to beat Trump? Most likely. He’s the only one willing to sacrifice everything in order to get the job done.

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Published by JoAnn Chateau

Website owner and administrator of “Progressive Graffiti.”

65 thoughts on “Is Sanders the Only One Serious About Beating Trump?

  1. Beautifully written and so true, JoAnn.

    I don’t think there is any question about Biden’s pronounced cognitive deterioration. Mike Figueredo’s father has dementia. Here are clips of Biden and what Mike says about him:

    Readers: share this video before it’s too late. It’s not too late for Bernie.

    The Democratic Party oligarchs would rather lose to Trump than have Bernie as president. There’s no other explanation for their choice of Biden. How long before Biden is declared mentally incompetent? A year, two years?

    Biden will lose to Trump. He would lose on his record alone, but Trump and the Republicans will savage him about his dementia. It’s going to be embarrassing.


      1. On a lighter note, imagine what Will Farrell could do with a post-dementia Biden impression, something along the lines of his Harry Caray impression:


    1. After you accept the fact that we live in an oligarchy/corporatocracy, that we really have one party instead of two, and that democracy here is merely an illusion, it won’t be any surprise that the Dem Party would rather lose to Trump than win with Bernie.


  2. Electability is most certainly a phony issue. If it were a serious issue for the Democratic Party, Biden would be the last person they want.

    How did Trump win in the Electoral College? By winning a few Midwest industrial states whose economies had been hollowed out by trade deals: Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Trump ran against the trade deals and was cheered in those states.

    Joe Biden was one of the principal proponents of NAFTA and other trade agreements, and the Dem Party thinks he can win those states? How? What can he say to them? I made a mistake? That won’t get it.

    Bernie fought the trade agreements. These states would have voted for Bernie in 2016, but not given that choice, they gambled on Trump instead of going with Hillary who was another proponent of the trade agreements. She didn’t campaign in Michigan and Wisconsin at the end because she was probably embarrassed to show her face there.

    Biden is Hillary 2.0. He will most certainly lose to Trump for the same reason Hillary lost.


  3. JoAnn, I just wrote this on Scottie’s post. I like Bernie, but this independent will be voting for Biden. If Bernie wins, I will vote for him as well. I wrote a post on what Biden offers and will do a future one on what I see from Bernie. Again, this comes from an independent who is fiscally conservative and socially progressive.

    In short, Biden has more global experience than anyone running, including the president. Right now, the US is less trusted because our president is untrustworthy, views relationships through a transactional lens and is self-dealing. This is important to remedy and Bernie and Biden both need to hammer this home.

    Biden also has a history of bipartisanship which is what is needed. Legislation needs to implement change, not executive order, as with the latter orders can be changed with the flash of signature. This is critical with climate change, the environment and healthcare, among other things. Unless the Dems win 60 senate seats, bipartisanship is needed to pass things.

    I know we disagree on this, and as I said, I will vote for Bernie as both men are far more ethical and decent than the incumbent, but my main concern with Bernie is price tags. We have $23 trillion in debt, projected to be over $35 trillion by the end of the decade. We must do something to ameliorate this problem before we become like one of the PIGS countries (Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain) that had huge debt problems and had to make serious cuts. Our average age is not as old as these countries, but rising debt is a huge problem that no one is talking about, especially the very hypocritical Freedom Caucus who ran on this platform and increased the debt with the recent tax law change.

    I have volunteered to help people climb ladders out of homelessness for two decades. Even when we helped people, we still had to make sure things were paid for, that we shared the costs and that these folks could pick up the reins and pay for things on their own after they left the program. Costs matter.

    Whoever wins the nomination will need the other’s support to defeat the most corrupt and deceitful president in my lifetime, including Richard Nixon, who turned out to be a crook. So, Democrats need to support their candidates and keep it above board. Candidates are like people – there are no perfect candidates.



    1. Appreciate your viewpoint, Keith, which is shared by many. In this post, the issue I’m concerned about is integrity of process. In my view, “electability” is a manufactured issue, straight from Propaganda 101: Make People Scared.” To suggest that Bernie is not “electable” is in contrast to the available data. According to most polls, Bernie Sanders has been beating Trump, by a wider margin than other candidates, since 2015.

      The suggestion that Bernie isn’t experienced enough, or can’t get anything done, is unfounded. The man has single-handedly shifted the Overton Window on progressive policies, and moved the entire Democratic Party to the Left, in the span of 4 years. Such an accomplishment doesn’t come out of nowhere. It’s predicated by brains and experience.

      Bernie Sanders was known in the House of Representatives as the Amendment King. That’s like getting 5 gold stars for effective nonpartisan collaboration. (When I say “effective,” I mean winning something for your own side.) Matt Taibbi followed Sanders around Congress for a while in 2005, and wrote about what it takes to get legislation passed. Eye-opening!


    2. “Biden also has a history of bipartisanship . . . .”

      Yes, by supporting the Republicans’ right-wing policies like cutting Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Contrary to what he says now, he was a booster for the Iraq long after it began. He promoted trade agreements which destroyed the economies of the Midwest.

      Biden has been a right-winger his whole career and is the poster boy for legalized corruption. The only differences between a Biden administration and a Trump administration will be purely cosmetic.

      A vote for Biden will be a vote for Trump.


      1. Dear Realrepresentation, I am sorry to disagree with your comments. Joe Biden is not Donald Trump and that is a false equivalency says this independent voter. As I noted above, I will vote for Bernie if he is the nominee, but I prefer Biden. I have seen people say they will vote for Bernie or the green candidate. Voting for the green candidate or not voting at all is how Trump got elected. Hillary was an imperfect candidate and terrible sales person, but she may have been the most qualified candidate we have ever had run for president. Yet, that was not good enough.

        Trump is the most corrupt and deceitful president I have witnessed in my lifetime, including Nixon who was a crook. Plus four more years of Trump and his regal thinking will be four more years of the federal government not helping the climate change fight my biggest concern when he was elected. Plus, we will have four more years of conservative judges. Republican voters seem to grasp the importance of this, while Dems do not. Vote for Bernie or vote for Joe and please stop make false equivalences.

        By the way, please watch Dr. Fiona Hill’s interview on “60 Minutes.” She is the foremost expert on Russia and Putin. She notes the reason Putin wants Bernie to win is not because he thinks Bernie will lose, but Putin wants the two most extreme candidates – Trump and Bernie – to divide America more. I do not mention this to say don’t vote for Bernie, but we need to be ever vigilant against unknown sources of social media. Some are intended to sow the seeds of discord.



      2. I hear you Keith, on the unity issue. But I think it’s overly hopeful to expect voters to support a candidate they dislike or distrust, in the General Election. People of all political stripes hate the legalized corruption that has overtaken Congress, the conflicts of interest, the oversized influence that powerful special interests have on American politics. Even Republican Matt Gaetz recently swore off PAC money:

        “Gaetz said that while some members across the aisle have sworn off PAC money, he plans to take it a step further by opting not to accept funds from corporate PACs, union PACs, ideological PACs or leadership PACs. He argued that “big government” too often bends to the will of outside groups because of the “legal bribes we call campaign donations.” ~

        Unfortunately, Joe Biden is too friendly with Corporate donors, which makes many voters wary. Plus, 41% of the electorate are independents. They possess no party loyalty, and aren’t going to take party orders.


      3. “Joe Biden is not Donald Trump”

        Right. Donald Trump doesn’t have dementia.

        Maybe you like Biden’s past support of right-wing policies on war, Social Security, trade, etc. but progressives and a lot of independents don’t.


  4. Thanks Jo Ann for your well reasoned response. As I said, I will vote for Bernie if he is the nominee. But, I favor Biden. Paying for things is an important lesson politicians don’t seem to heed. Sadly, we are at a point where we have to consider tax increases and spending cuts to pay down our debt, as the math will not otherwise work. This is per the nonpartisan Committee for Responsible Federal Budget and the nonpartisan The Concord Coalition. Our GOP friends have simply punted on the debt and deficit with a GOP president. This context is important, as the Dems could lead the discussion on smart cuts and tax increases. Keith


    1. The deficit and debt bugaboo is based on several false assumptions. Here’s the most difficult thing for most people to understand: the government is not like a household. One, it lives forever. Two, it creates its own currency. It can never go broke. Here’s a good explanation by Prof. Stephanie Kelton of how the economy and the financial system work:

      Deficit spending only becomes a concern when it becomes inflationary, i.e. too many dollars chasing too few goods. The stupidest thing we could possibly do is “balance the budget.”


      1. Also, check out the works of Prof. L. Randall Wray on Amazon, especially “Understanding Modern Money: The Key to Full Employment and Price Stability” and “Modern Money Theory: A Primer on Macroeconomics for Sovereign Monetary Systems.” Here’s one of his videos:


  5. I think we set it up to have a lame-duck president, no matter who beats Trump. I fear we’re in for a one-and-done Dem the likes of Jimmy Carter. On the flip side, I think it will open doors for progressive movement to come, the likes of which we have currently only seen a hint.

    Joe can beat Donald. Bernie can beat Donald. Almost anyone can beat Donald if the country rallies around the nominee, this I believe. A divided attack, however, will ensure a disaster.


    1. I like your confidence, Tom. But I’m not feeling it. Trump has maintained popularity with his base. And I fear that another Democratic Establishment candidate will turn voters away.

      Anyway, is Trump actually worse than Biden? They’re both corporatists and fiscally conservative. At most, there could only be 4 more years of Trump.

      Maybe the Progressive Movement wins the Presidency in 2024.

      If Biden were to win 2020, his VP would likely be elected in 2024 and re-elected in 2028 — for a grand total of 12 more years under corporate rule.

      By then, the climate crisis has descending upon us in full force, because effective climate action was NOT taken. By then, voting will be the last thing on our minds.

      For the sake of future generations, Democrats cannot put forth a weak 2020 Presidential candidate. It is unreasonable to expect the majority of voters (in the General, not the party-followers who turn out for Primaries) to willingly enable the obvious personal ambitions of ruling Democratic elites. Forget about high stakes for a moment. This ludicrous snobbery at the top makes American voters want to vomit.

      I will vote for Bernie Sanders or the Green candidate in 2020.


      1. “I will vote for Bernie Sanders or the Green candidate in 2020.”

        That is the consensus of the progressives and independents I have talked to.

        At least Trump hasn’t gotten us into a new war. Biden is already assembling a neocon-pro MIC administration of old favorites like John Kerry. And Biden continues to lie about his support of the Iraq war.

        Also, if by some miracle, Medicare for All passed in the Congress, Biden has said he would veto it (even though it is supported by the majority of the American people including a slight majority of Republicans)!

        Eff Biden.

        Oh, and Biden has dementia. He might be clucking like a chicken in November.


      2. Yes, to answer your initial question: Trump is worse than Biden. I’m not a fan of either but a Democratic Establishment puppet is still better than an Autocratic narcissist. Shift this thing back to norm or you’ll never get a sniff of another progressive candidate. By the time Trump’s hand-picked successor runs, which might be Donald Trump himself with the full backing of a majority conservative Congress and Court, the deck will be so stacked that even an establishment blue will find the road blocked. We can’t shift his entirely the way we want without a revolution, and history shows us even that doesn’t work out quite the way we want. The harder truth is that the move left is an evolution, requiring hard choices and incremental change.

        Climate change is the variable, I’ll grant you that. But voting for an alternative candidate won’t assuage that at all. Biden will do little to lessen the impact of environmental armageddon; Trump will hasten it. Like it or not, the lesser of two evils is still the path of greater sagacity. Bernie, once he drops, will tell you that, too.

        Within the next couple of weeks we’ll be left with two aging, mentally unstable choices. One of them appeals to the worst elements on the right and wants to be a king. The other leans slightly the way of progress and can be conciliatory to advisers.

        The former’s followers are all-in. Any vote for any alternative candidate only helps him. Please choose wisely.


      3. When Biden says he would veto a Medicare for All bill, he is spitting in the face of all progressives. We must declare now that we will not vote for Biden.

        As long as we keep voting for the lesser of two evils, particularly one which is outright hostile to our policies and values, nothing will change for the better in this country. All Biden’s election would do is lull the country to sleep.

        It’s time to draw a line in the sand.

        If establishment Democrats are going to oppose our major policies, then it’s time to tell them they won’t win another election because they won’t have our votes.

        I propose a “No to Joe” movement right now. Pledge not to vote for Joe Biden.


    2. No, Biden can’t beat Trump, absent some catastrophe that can be hung around Trump’s neck. Progressives are not going to rally around and vote for right-wing, warmonger, Wall Street Joe. As AOC asked rhetorically, what am I doing in the same party as Joe Biden?


    1. Thanks for your comment. While it seems to me they ALL babble about “beating Trump,” Bernie is the one who makes sacrifices for the sake of doing so. As usual, he’s the real deal. 🙂


  6. I just remembered one other horrible thing Biden did to the country (there are so many). He is personally responsible for Clarence Thomas being on the Supreme Court.

    As chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Biden’s treatment of poor Anita Hill was reprehensible. He refused to allow a witness, Angela Wright, to testify. Wright would have corroborated Hill’s testimony and thereby doomed Thomas’s nomination. Refusing to allow Wright to testify is another example of Biden’s “bipartisanship.”

    Biden is scum.


  7. Thanks for sharing, Keith. I appreciate your thoughtful comments.

    I may be able to speak to why Biden is sometimes equated with Trump: it’s the system in which he’s so comfortably embroiled.

    As an individual, even as a Democrat, Biden is decent, in comparison to Trump. But our political system stinks to high Heaven with corruption. I.e., Most elected officials have outrageous conflicts of interests with powerful, wealthy special interest groups and billionaires; an oligarchy is not a democracy.

    This is what progressives are trying to change. Of course, they have interesting policy ideas, but the main thing is to get money out of politics.

    I can appreciate that good ideas also come from the conservative perspective. But the country never gets to benefit from honest, intelligent collaboration between Left and Right… because the Corporate establishment rules both Republican and Democratic leaders.

    In fact, I believe this is why Bernie Sanders always makes a point to call his Democratic colleagues “friends.” He does not see them as corrupt individuals, but politicians who have been sucked into a corrupt system that heavily incentivizes, or brutally punishes, based on their cooperation with “party bosses.” (I use the term from Teddy Roosevelt’s day, because I think that’s what we’re dealing with.)

    When can our broken system, our broken Congress, our heavily biased Supreme Court, ever be fixed? When will our democracy be restored? I fear a President Biden would not promote reform. Absolutely not. I fear a moderate Democratic coalition will not do enough to prevent a climate apocalypse. They will always be trying to work out so-called win-win situations that highly benefit corporate elites while offering teaspoon concessions to regular people.

    Sovereign nations are no longer at the top of the power pyramid. Global corporations are at the top, and calling the shots.

    From that perspective, Biden is no better than Trump. They’re both puppets for the real powers that activate their strings.


    1. Jo Ann, thanks for your thoughtful response. It is always appreciated to see dissenting, or at least partial dissenting views, offered in such a manner. That is a credit to you. Since I spent so much time on the last comment, I decided to post a variation of it on my blog and the response from Democrats, Independents, Canadians and British folks have been favorable. To be honest, I would hate to run for office as every bad decision, action and statement I ever made would be subject to scrutiny. So, to the credit of all candidates, at least they are willing to stand up to that intense scrutiny.

      I do hope the Dems rally around their candidate, whomever that might be. Bernie said it correctly “Donald Trump is a pathological liar.” I do not believe a word the president says and that makes me sad. I do not feel that way about Joe or Bernie. Joe and Bernie are not going to bully or name call people who disagree with them like the president. And, decency matters. I want to trust what my president says and I want him to be one of our better angels not represent our worst. Both Joe and Bernie fit that bill.

      As an independent, I say the following often. Both sides have some good ideas and both sides have some absolutely terrible ideas. I am not saying it is a normal distribution, but that statement is a truism. So, it behooves us to work together for sustainable change. I am tired of this legislation by executive order, which can be unwound with an incoming president.

      Thanks again for your response and your post. I look forward to future dialogue. Keith


      1. Thanks, Keith. My reply pointed to the corrupting influence of Big Money in Politics. When you have the chance, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on corruption. Meanwhile, a happy and safe weekend.


    2. Jo Ann, it is likely a pipe dream, but we need to get the money out of politics. Citizens United and the lesser known McCutcheon decisions were simply god-awful…


      1. Real progressives don’t take donations from corporations and the super rich. They can’t get elected without donations from ordinary citizens.


      2. All good points, Keith. I’ll emphasize that Bernie Sanders has demonstrated (twice, now) that a presidential candidate can run a viable campaign funded solely by grassroots donations. He has inspired others. All of the folks on my “Super Progressive Candidates” list reject corporate money. (The list would be longer, if M4A wasn’t also a criteria.) In order to tackle the corruption problem, maybe we should vote more of these people into office. Cheers!


    1. Thanks for sharing this, Gary. I’m on board with you. We must break the corporate hold on our government.

      Our nation’s response to the coronavirus pandemic is deplorable. Not to mention climate change. It’s because Big Money has all the power. Big Money is addicted to greed. Big Money is out of control.

      #NeverBiden is tough love. #PresidentSanders is the treatment.


    2. Yes, we have to draw a line in the sand. Biden is the worst shape-shifter in the Dem Party. He tells people what he has to to get elected and then after the election he serves the agenda of his corporate and billionaire donors. And he’s a compulsive liar which was on display during the debate:


  8. Kim Iversen pointed out something I missed in the debate. It illustrates again what a corporate sellout lying scumbag Biden is.

    Biden blamed Italy’s single payer system for the coronavirus crisis the country is experiencing. Kim points out that the crisis would have been much worse had the Italians not had their system. The Italian system is in fact the second best healthcare system in the world.

    Biden is an unscrupulous, lying POS and always has been.


  9. Biden tried to argue in the debate that having Medicare for All wouldn’t help the Coronavirus epidemic here. Nah, how could a system which allows everyone to go to the doctor when they feel sick help in a pandemic?

    Ka-ching! You can hear Lyin’ Joe Biden’s donations from the health insurance companies going up. At least we get to hear Lyin’ Biden argue in favor of special interests against the public interest. The contrast couldn’t be clearer.


  10. The Fed injected $1.5 trillion into the banks. Where did the money come from?

    Our tax money? No. It came from a computer keystroke, as Bernanke revealed in a past injection.

    Why does Biden ask where the money for Medicare for All come from?

    Why not the same place?

    The government does not rely on tax revenues for spending. That’s why there’s always money for wars, invasions, for propping up big banks, for propping up favored industries, and for propping up anyone with political influence, but for some reason there’s never money for something that benefits ordinary people.

    What’s the difference?


  11. In light of the inadequacies of U.S. healthcare revealed by the current crisis, I hope people reflect on whether they want to continue squandering their wealth and the nation’s wealth on arms, wars and imaginary enemies created by the CIA and sold to us by the corporate media.

    It’s time some candidate proposed negotiating arms control agreements with the rest of the world, ratcheting down the number of nuclear weapons until they are gone, and ratcheting down arms altogether. It won’t be Joe Biden.

    Who would oppose this? The MIC of course and their lackeys like Biden. The U.S. is the world’s largest arms dealer. War is America’s principal business.


  12. The vast majority of Democratic Party voters in every state support Medicare for All, yet they are voting for Biden who is not only hostile to it but has promised to veto it if elected? How could that be?

    There are serious discrepancies between exit polls and the reported vote in numerous states. Such discrepancies are the key statistic in determining whether elections are fixed in third world dictatorships.

    You figure it out.


  13. “Dear Berners: Dementia Joe is How Much ‘Your’ Party HATES You

    “It is determined to serve up a right-wing dementia victim as a toy mouse food item for the feral fascist feline Tabby Trump this summer and fall instead of mounting a serious challenge headed by the mentally agile progressive-populist Bernie Sanders.”


  14. How Trump could be re-elected in a landslide.

    Trump could run to the left of Biden by instituting Universal Basic Income and Medicare for All. Oh, the irony.

    Trump is not an ideologue. He ran to the left of Hillary last time on trade, war, and healthcare. He will do what is necessary to get re-elected.


  15. Trump is going full tilt socialist (direct payments to desperate Americans, suspending foreclosures and evictions, creating government hospitals, and the government getting and keeping stock in the companies it bails out) while the Dems are talking low interest loans (Schumer) and means testing relief (Pelosi). And then there’s #DementiaJoe who says Med4All wouldn’t help in a pandemic.

    Prediction: Trump will be the most progressive candidate on the ballot in November and will win in a landslide.

    It’s bizarro world.


    1. Here’s a good video by Saagar Enjeti laying out how the Democrats are showing their true colors, i.e. being the party of corporations and neoliberal suburbanites instead of working people, and how Trump and the Republicans are morphing into economic populists.


  16. Graham Elwood excoriated Tulsi Gabbard for endorsing DementiaJoe and gave a good retrospective of his record and how the Democratic Party has always failed progressives. It’s long but worth watching. Start at 12:50:


    1. Graham posted a shorter version of this video called “Tulsi Sells Out Progressives For Warmonger Biden.”

      One thing about having ADD is that there are always things I miss on the first viewing of a video. Watching this a second time informed me that Biden considers Julian Assange a “cyber-terrorist” instead of a brave publisher of news the public needs to know like The New York Times when it published The Pentagon Papers.

      There is no way I can vote for this right-wing pig.


  17. Bernie’s popularity is rising. Why? Because he actually cares about people’s health and welfare, and he knows how to handle this crisis unlike most other politicians including establishment Democrats.

    While the economy is imploding and people are desperate for money, Nancy Pelosi is holding up sending checks to people. She wants tax credits and means testing, as if people have the time to fill out forms and wait for income. Schumer wants to allow people to get low interest loans. Pelosi and Schumer make Trump look like Karl Marx. Biden is AWOL.


    1. The fact that neither party can get checks out to everyone shows how little they care about ordinary people. UBI needs to happen now. It can be taxed away from the rich later.


    2. Did anyone see this?

      130 Congresspeople in both parties push to spend $1.7 billion on more F-35 fighters–which the Pentagon hasn’t even requested and presumably doesn’t want.

      When the country lacks vital medical supplies and people need money to live.

      Now does anyone question who the Republicans and corporate Democrats represent?


  18. Bernie is by far the best candidate to lead the country through this crisis. Compare his address to Biden’s and Trump’s.


  19. Can’t people see now that Biden is nothing but a fumbling, brain damaged, incompetent glad hander with no ideas?


  20. A woman has been fighting for a year or more to get her story out about how Joe Biden sexually assaulted her and digitally penetrated her. No mainstream news organization would report her story, and she was refused support by a women’s organization whose purpose is to help sexual assault victims because its leader has ties to Biden.

    The story has been reported recently by Katie Halper and Jimmy Dore.

    After the sexual assault, Biden then told her she was nothing to him, nothing.

    Biden is the worst sort of scum. He not only physically violated her, but he had to crush her soul afterwards.

    Anyone who votes for this monster should burn in hell with him.


    1. Yes. Tara Reade. She also filed a sexual assault charge at the time, in the 90s, and was blackballed from working in DC.

      The lives of the little guy or gal mean nothing to Joe.


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