Fake Campaign Ads — With Dogs!

Billionaire presidential candidate Michael Boomberg tries to seem like a regular guy. But he’s fake. His latest campaign ad features talking dogs! But they’re not real.

These dogs are paid actors.

Shelly Springer, off-Broadway actress.

Real dogs like Bernie Sanders. #DogsForBernie

~ Chester, Canine News & Views 🐾

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Published by JoAnn Chateau

Website owner and administrator of “Progressive Graffiti.”

5 thoughts on “Fake Campaign Ads — With Dogs!

    1. Yes, Meanwhile, there is no reason for Americans to swallow a fear-mongering “electability” issue manufactured by the very biased Dem Party Establishment and corporate media. Bernie Sanders is winning elections. He’s the front-runner, no matter how MSM may spin. Bernie will take care of Bloomberg and, of course, Trump.


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