2020 ‘Super Progressive’ Candidates List

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Here’s the ultimate “2020 Super Progressive Candidates” list of truly bold progressives running for national office. 82 true Lefties ran in the November 3rd General Election.

16 Super Progressives won their races. 10 are incumbent winners, and 6 winners are new Members of Congress.

LAST UPDATED: November 30, 2020

Two Criteria

What makes a candidate “super?” A super progressive meets two criteria:

  1. He or she supports single-payer Medicare for All.
  2. She or he accepts NO corporate money.

Based on the above criteria, candidates invariably stand on a super progressive platform. They support policies like the Green New Deal, free public higher education, economic justice and human rights for all, and public-funded elections.

Click on a candidate’s name to go to their campaign website. For statewide snapshot summaries of super progressive platforms, click on a state’s link. (Listings are not necessarily endorsements.)

Vote for a Progressive Congress
Support super progressives, state-by-state, for a Progressive Congress.

Super Progressive Candidates, State-by-State






AZ-01 Eva Putzova (D)
AZ-03 Raúl Grijalva (D) incumbent
AZ-05 Jon Ireland (D)




CA-01 Audrey Denney (D)
CA-12 Shahid Buttar (D) 💲
CA-17 Ro Khanna (D) incumbent
CA-18 Rishi Kumar (D) *There are rumors that Rishi Kumar supports India’s autocratic, big-business Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. I did a little Googling. Kumar certainly admired Modi in 2015. Local voters, do your research.
CA-29 Angelica Dueñas (D)
CA-34 David Kim (D)
CA-38 Michael Tolar (D)
CA-42 Liam O’Mara (D) 💲
CA-53 Georgette Gómez (D)


CO-04 Ike McCorkle (D)






FL-03 Adam Christenson (D)
FL-24 Christine Olivo (I)


US Senate Tamara Johnson Shealy (D) – Special election November 3, 2020
GA-08 Jimmy Cooper (G)
GA-14 Kevin Van Ausdal (D)


HI-02 Kai Kahele (D)


ID-01 Joe Evans (I)


IL-03 Marie Newman (D)
IL-16 Dani Brzozowski (D)


IN-02 Pat Hackett (D) 💲
IN-04 Joe Mackey (D)
IN-09 Andy Ruff (D)


IA-04 JD Scholten (D) 💲




KY-02 Hank Linderman (D)




US Senate Lisa Savage (G)




US Senate Ed Markey (D) incumbent 💲
MA-07 Ayanna Pressley (D) incumbent


US Senate Marcia Squier (G)
MI-01 Dana Alan Ferguson (D)
MI-02 Jean-Michael Creviere (G)
MI-04 Amy Slepr (G)
MI-06 Jon Hoadley (D)
MI-06 John Lawrence (G)
MI-13 Rashida Tlaib (D) incumbent
MI-14 Clyde Shabazz (G)


MN-05 Ilhan Omar (D) incumbent 💲
MN-05 Toya Woodland (G)


MS-01 Antonia Eliason (D)


MO-01 Cori Bush (D) 💲
MO-05 Antwain Winters (G) write-in




NE-02 Kara Eastman (D) 💲



New Hampshire


New Jersey

US Senate Veronica Fernandez (I)
US Senate Madelyn Hoffman (G)
NJ-12 Bonnie Watson Coleman (D) incumbent

New Mexico

NM-03 Teresa Leger Fernandez (D)

New York

NY-02 Harry Burger (G)
NY-04 Joseph Naham (G)
NY-14 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D) incumbent
NY-16 Jamaal Bowman (D) ) 💲
NY-17 Mondaire Jones (D)
NY-19 Steven Greenfield (G)
NY-26 Mike Raleigh (G)

NY-27 Nate McMurray (D)

North Carolina


North Dakota

ND-At-Large Zachary Raknerud (D) 💲


OH-05 Nick Rubando (D)




US Senate Ibrahim Taher (G)
OR-03 Alex DiBlasi (G)
OR-04 Daniel Hoffay (G)


PA-11 Sarah Hammond (D)

Rhode Island…


South Carolina


South Dakota…



US Senate Marquita Bradshaw (D)
TN-03 Amber Hysell (I)


TX-04 Russell Foster (D)
TX-10 Mike Siegel (D)
TX-14 Adrienne Bell (D)
TX-21 Thomas Wakely (G) (write-in)
TX-25 Julie Oliver (D)
TX-31 Donna Imam (D)
TX-33 Carlos Quintanilla (I)
TX-36 Hal Ridley (G)




VT-At-Large Chris Brimmer (VT Progressive Party)
VT-At-Large Christopher Helali (PCUSA)


VA-01 Qasim Rashid (D)


WA-07 Pramila Jayapal (D) incumbent

West Virginia

US Senate Paula Jean Swearengin (D) 💲
WV-02 Cathy Kunkel (D)
WV-03 Hillary Turner (D)


WI-02 Mark Pocan (D) incumbent



US President

Mark Charles (I) and running mate, Adrian Wallace
Howie Hawkins (G) and running mate, Angela Walker

Giving: For a Progressive Congress

To help elect a progressive Congress, I aim to make a small donation to every super progressive candidate on this list. When I do, I put the “💲” after his/her name.

Do you have a giving plan to help fund a super progressive Congress? Do you focus on a few candidates, or many? Tell us about it in the comments. ❤️

Together, we get the job done.

Official 2020 Candidate Endorsements

The following organizations have made official 2020 endorsements, including some down-ballot candidates, ballot initiatives. and several decent Democratic candidates (who aren’t super-progressive enough to be on this list.)

If you find this information useful, why not share it with your friends and social media networks? Sharing is caring — about the progressive justice movement!

Published by JoAnn Chateau

Website owner and administrator of “Progressive Graffiti.”

43 thoughts on “2020 ‘Super Progressive’ Candidates List

    1. Lucky you — yoga AND Jen Perelman! From what I see on Twitter, she’s at the top of her game. I retweet her often! And have donated to her campaign. It’ll be wonderful to have a strong progressive Floridian in Congress. (Fingers crossed!)

      What’s your take on Perelman? Is she getting enough support to beat Wasserman?


  1. I admire her stated passion for progressive causes. She’s sort of a late 60s, anti war protester in person.. I read up on her background and am very impressed. Can she carry the elderly and Jewish vote in South Florida? Not sure.


  2. Hey JoAnn, how about creating a list of Super Progressive VP Candidates to be considered by Biden? Barbara Lee was recommended by Nina Turner (who won’t run herself unfortunately). Who else?


      1. Barbara Lee may have broad appeal with everyone except with the Military-Industrial Complex and its lackey politicians like Joe Biden. She would be like kryptonite to Biden.

        I agree wholeheartedly that Warren is a fauxgressive, as is Kamala Harris. It’s funny (and sad) that the MSM claims both are progressives. Warren shares a lot with Biden. Both will sell out any principle they claim to have in order further their careers, but Biden is so right-wing that even Warren scares him. He may choose Harris because it’s so obvious she’s for sale to the highest bidder and she meets the identity requirements: black/mixed race and female. I guess she’s slightly better than Klobuchar who can’t even fake being a liberal.

        Is there any other real progressive besides Lee we could dream about as VP?


  3. Hi JoAnn, as a teenager just getting into politics, your commitment to creating this list and keeping it up-to-date is very much appreciated. It is by far the most comprehensive index of progressive candidates I can find and has really helped guide me through this election cycle and what races I should be following. I just wanted to say thank you and I hope you know just how much your work is appreciated, especially among the aspiring youth like myself. That said, this election is far from over and there are many more congressional primaries to go. Keep up the good work and I hope to see many of these progressives elected to Congress in November.


    1. Thank you very much, Ben. Sometimes I wonder if I work in a vacuum, but your comment really lifts my spirits! Everything progressives fight for is to sustain future generations.

      You appear to be a good writer. If you ever want to submit an article here, let me know — It’d be great to have a genuine teenager’s view on Progressive Graffiti. 🙂


      1. I second Ben’s praise. This is absolutely the best list of progressive candidates I have found anywhere. Fantastic work, JoAnn. Thanks so much.

        BTW, Mike Siegel won his primary in TX-10.


      2. Thanks, JoAnn. I tried to send you a message through your Contact page, but it wants a website, and it wouldn’t take anything I put in. Maybe it wants a WordPress URL which I don’t have.

        Are you on Meetup? If you join humanists of fort worth on Meetup.com, I can send you a message through Meetup. Or I can join one of your Meetup groups.


      3. I received your email contact via my website, and your request for my email. I then sent you a new message with my email, directly to your email address at hotmail. Try checking your spam folder?


      4. JoAnn, I have checked spam, deleted and inbox folders. Nothing. Could you please send it again? Thanks!


      5. I received the one from your yahoo account!

        I replied to both your addresses.

        What a mystery.


    2. Hey Ben, I too think the readers of JoAnn’s blog would love to read what you and your friends think about progressive policies and candidates. Please consider JoAnn’s offer. All the best.


  4. What new progressives can we expect to go to Congress so far (i.e. what new progressives won their primaries and are in safe Democratic districts)? Jamaal Bowman, Mondaire Jones, Marie Newman, Cori Bush (the squad has at least doubled).

    Anyone else?

    (Several candidates are in competitive districts like Mike Siegel and Kara Eastman.)


    1. Paula Jean Swearengin (D-WV) won her primary. Powerful progressive! Hopefully, Jen Perelman (D-FL) will unseat Debbie Wasserman-Schultz in Florida’s primary tomorrow. Fingers crossed!


      1. A win by Jen Perelman would send shockwaves through the DNC. How great that would be. If I prayed, I would pray for Jen and Paula Jean.

        I worry that the election process in Wasserman-Schultz’s district is corrupt. W-S seems to be very cozy with the elections administrator as she was last time when the administrator illegally destroyed all of the ballots so they couldn’t be recounted. It’s a banana republic.


      2. Only one progressive left standing in Florida: Adam Christensen. CD-03, Gainesville area. One of those progressives the commentators missed. I think you may be impressed. Young, male, white. He’ll contribute diversity to the Squad. But he’ll need to unseat incumbent Rep. Yoho, first. (Fingers crossed.) Christensen’s website: https://www.forthemanynotjustme.com/home


      3. Some Supreme Court justices say they can’t figure out a remedy. (They can’t think of outlawing the single winner district in favor of multi-winner districts? Apparently not.) The right-wing justices say gerrymandering for partisan purposes is legal. It’s up to Congress or the states to say otherwise..

        The Republicans love gerrymandering (like in N.C. where over half the voters are Dems but 3/4ths of the congressional seats are Republicans). Once in a blue moon a Dem somewhere will propose having a nonpartisan commission draw the single winner district lines but that’s about it even though there’s no fair way to draw single winner district lines. Notice how the Dem Party establishment never proposes a solution.

        Bottom line: the oligarchy loves gerrymandering. It’s how they maintain control of the Congress and the state legislatures. They will never give it up. They don’t want a real democracy. They don’t want a government of, by and for the people.


  5. Any thoughts on expanding the list to include state races? Hitting the federal level is great and all, but we need to build a bigger bench via state and local races so there are more viable candidates to then launch to the federal level.


    1. I tried doing that when I began listing progressives for the 2018 midterm. It was an overwhelming task and I had to give it up.

      For instance, Florida has 120 state house districts and 40 state senate districts. For easy math, multiply that by all the candidates who run for these offices. Then multiply that by all 50 states.

      On top of that, hopeful state representatives talk in different terms than national representatives. They focus on state concerns. But if they do talk about something like healthcare, they seldom use terms like “single-payer” or “medicare for all.” In addition, many state candidates do not maintain a campaign website, opting for Facebook pages instead. With such scanty information, it is nearly impossible to determine if a candidate is progressive or not.

      I also tried looking up state chapters for Our Revolution and the Green Party. More often than not, only a contact email is listed.

      I certainly appreciate your point, however. Thank you for taking the time to make a suggestion.


    2. I thought maybe Our Revolution would step up and do the state races, but I haven’t seen one do it yet. Maybe individual state or regional O.R. organizations will step up. If not, we need volunteers in each state to step up.


  6. Excellent list. Thank you so much for doing it. It’s extremely helpful. If you are still doing updates to it, someone just mentioned to me Illinois needs to be updated. Patrick Feges dropped out. Thanks again


  7. I shared this in several places so people are commenting on it. If you are doing more updates to it someone mentioned that Teresa Leger Fernandez NM 03 should be added under New Mexico. (She was endorsed by AOC). Thanks!


    1. Thanks for sharing the list and also for the heads-up. Teresa Leger Fernandez’s campaign website is unclear about what she means by “access” (typically a red flag) to Medicare for All. But I see National Nurses United just endorsed her. They wouldn’t endorse anything less than single-payer Medicare for All, so that supports the AOC Courage to Change PAC endorsement.

      Her website also says she rejects corporate PAC money.

      Both criteria met. Teresa Leger Fernandez belongs on the Super Progressive list. Thanks for returning my attention to her.

      A progressive Congress or bust!


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