Joyous Barks for a Happy New Year

Chester with Winter Bokeh Snow

As barksperson for the furry community, I SPEAK! our wish that everyone has a soft, warm (smooth or fluffy) Happy New Year — on January 1, or January 25 if you’re Chinese. And may every human being enjoy steadfast canine companionship throughout the coming year!

In 2020, allow more love, more peace, and more green on this Good Planet. If you’re unsure how, let dogs lead the way!

Let dogs lead the way — to save Winter, and to get somewhere!

2019 Is Nearly Over

First, the best news ever: 2019 is nearly over.

Another year went by without the stabilizing presence of a First Dog in The White House. Look what happened: President Tucker Frump got himself impeached! (The U.S. House should have turned him into a lemon, instead. But Nancy Pelosi is too nice, says Hugo.)

Hugo Pelosi is prepared to SPEAK! at the table.

Then, experts admitted they made mistakes — repeatedly. Climate scientists told us (about forty-six-hundred times in 2019) that the impact of climate change will be worse than they previously thought. Finally, someone called the situation what it really is: Climate Emergency. Teenagers had to take over.

Greta Thunberg, teen climate activist, flanked by steadfast DOGS.

Meanwhile, something is happening in Britain. Something called Brexit. Nobody asked for the canine opinion. The outcome? Peacenik Jeremy Corbyn lost the 2019 UK election. Sad news for canine consciousness: L-O-V-E.

Voter suppression: the UK does not actually allow dogs to vote.

2020 Just Ahead

Second, we hope that 2020 is the returning point — back to sanity. Bernie Sanders is running for U.S. President, again. His election would make 2020 amazing.

Bernie and I go way back. I was young, about one or two, when I met Bernie over Internet TV. Bernie was as old as he is today: Old! Yet his constant aim is to improve the world for younger generations. Bernie is humankind’s Wisest Alpha.

But a lot of old voters don’t get it.

Many oldsters will cast their last vote in 2020. According to BIG DOG’s plan, dead people may no longer thwart the hopeful visions of youth. So, why shouldn’t elderly voters give-in a teeny bit sooner?!?!? Old guy Michael Moore recently put it this way…

I say to adults my age, maybe we owe it to the young people. Because we were supposed to leave them a better country. We were supposed to leave them a better planet. And we, the 60s and 70s generation, we haven’t done that. So maybe we owe it to these young people to get behind the person they want. It’s their future.

~ Michael Moore, filmmaker

Aside from politics… 2020 could be the Year of Great Invention & Medical Breakthrough. Maybe scientists will finally crack the canine language code! With better interspecies communication, we dogs can help humans fix things better and faster than your wildest dreams…!

Until then: L-O-V-E to everyone! ❤️🐾 And a Happy New Year! ~ Chester

The Barking Dogs sing “Auld Lang Syne.”

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Published by JoAnn Chateau

Website owner and administrator of “Progressive Graffiti.”

7 thoughts on “Joyous Barks for a Happy New Year

  1. JoAnn, happy New Year. Your dog sled at the beginning reminded me that there is a new “Call of the Wild” movie coming out. Climate emergency is more apt. I was pleased to see Prince William announce the formation of Earthshot, as group to fund awards for climate action innovation. It is good to see his backing the fight with his notoriety and funding. One of my British friends noted the Queen also mentioned climate change in her New Year’s speech. Add to their voice that of the Pope and a sixteen year old activist and we can continue to move forward in spite of the recalcitrance of the US president.

    Whether progressive Democrats like Tom Steyer or Michael Bloomberg, I do like that they both are emphasizing climate change. Bloomberg even co-wrote an excellent book a couple of years ago with Sierra Club executive director Carl Pope called “Climate of Hope.” Whoever the Dems nominate, they must push saving our planet. And, we must vote whoever the candidate is. The planet cannot afford the US federal government blocking (or at least not leveraging) climate change action for five more years.

    Thanks for all you do. Keith


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