The UK Election & Awesome Labour Party Manifesto of 2019

United Kingdom flag

The United Kingdom is holding a general election one week from today, on Thursday, December 12th. The race is primarily between the Tory Party (conservative) and Labour Party (progressive). Each party has released a 2019 manifesto.

Brexit and the National Health Service (NHS) are top issues for voters. What else is at stake in the UK 2019 General Election? Progressive readers will find a quick review below, from the Labour perspective. (Be prepared for awesome.)

Brexit? No Brexit? What Kind of Brexit?

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn supports a second referendum on Brexit.

Jeremy Corbyn provides a simple explanation on how Labour will deal with Brexit.

A Green Industrial Revolution

Saving the planet is a top priority with the Labour Party, which introduced the Green Industrial Revolution.

The National Health Service

Decades of austerity has jeopardized the NHS. In addition, recent leaks indicate the British and American governments have discussed privatizing parts of it, in terms of trade agreement — a very unpopular idea among Brits. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn offers a strong, reassuring response to Tory NHS shenanigans.

As you may imagine, Brits are personally fond of their National Health Service.

Economic Growth for Ordinary People

The economy is another serious issue of concern. Brits demand better economic opportunities.

Value-Driven Immigration Policy

In addition to economic justice, the average Brit wants to see social justice — including just immigration policies.

See: Immigration Under Labour Would Be Driven by Values, Says Abbott | The Guardian

On Privatization

Any Brit, with eyes are wide open, opposes the privatization of public utilities. For instance, they’re ready to take the rail system back.

While the Labour Party may poke fun at billionaires and their privatization agenda, they offer rational policies to reverse the trend.

And, of course, private hands must steer clear of the NHS!

The Labor Party Manifesto

The 2019 Labour Party Manifesto embraces a wealth of people-centered policies — for biking, the arts, animal welfare, race and faith, and more!


Austerity, fear-mongering, and authoritarian rule are eroding democracy all around the world. If two powerful nations, like the United Kingdom and the United States (in 2020), can effectively push back — the practical, rational wisdom of The People is positioned to save the world from the grave insanity and corruption of corporate greed.

#ForTheMany and #NotMeUs. Great British and American cousins think alike!

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