19 Radical Progressive Candidates Running for U.S. Senate & Structural Change

The ceiling of the U.S. Capital Building

Do you want single-payer Medicare for All? Do you want a Green New Deal? Then #AnyBlueWon’tDo. We need real progressives to build a U.S. Senate that’s prepared for life-saving, planet-saving structural change. Celebrated here, are the 2020 radical progressive candidates for U.S. Senate who, if elected, will make a difference.

Support a Progressive U.S. Senate

Most of the candidates listed are running for national office outside your own state of residence. You won’t be able to vote for them. Yet the U.S. Senate plays a necessary role in national lawmaking, impacting every citizen from sea to shining sea.

We are all in this together. Please support every women and man running to build a progressive U.S. Senate, in any way that you ARE able:

  • Follow and share their updates on social media.
  • Volunteer to phonebank.
  • Donate a $1 (or more) to each one.
  • Talk about them with your friends and family.
  • Share this post far and wide.

19 Far-Left, Radical Candidates Running for the U.S. Senate

Dear Progressive, these are the men and women you must help get elected into office next year:

  1. David WhitfieldArkansas
  2. Diana Bray or Lorena Garcia or Andrew RomanoffColorado
  3. Ted TerryGeorgia
  4. Marilyn Jordan LawlorIllinois
  5. Kimberly GrahamIowa
  6. Steven Cox or Eric RothmullerKentucky
  7. Antoine PierceLouisiana
  8. Betsy SweetMaine
  9. Ed Markey (incumbent, co-authored GND resolution) – Massachusetts
  10. Jensen BohrenMississippi
  11. Angie PhillipsNebraska
  12. Jeff Merkley (incumbent, a progressive champion) – Oregon
  13. Justin WootonSouth Carolina
  14. Sema HernandezTexas
  15. Paula Jean Swearengin – West Virginia
  16. Yana LudwigWyoming

Every one of the above listed candidates is committed to single-payer Medicare for All. Every one of them rejects corporate money.

All Progressive Candidates Running for National Office, Nationwide

In case you’d like to see all the revolutionary candidates running for national office, state by state, the links are provided below. They include candidates running for U.S. House, as well as U.S. Senate.

Here’s to a Progressive U.S. Senate!

In 2020, we may elect a strong progressive President into the White House. If so, President Sanders will need strong progressive Senators at his back, fighting for massive structural changes. And we, the Progressive Movement, will continue to support all of them!

At this time, one of our main objectives is to fight to elect real progressives into the United States Senate… even if we don’t know them… in our own state. #NotMeUs

Would I Enjoy a Cup of Coffee?

Yes, please! Thanks for the support!


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