Progressive Movement: Getting In the “Flow”

Hong Kong protesters inspire thoughts of evolutionary, revolutionary “flow.” Their political demonstrations flow like water: fluid, changing, adjusting, powerful. They are intentional. They are tactical.

“Be Water!”: Seven Tactics That Are Winning Hong Kong’s Democracy Revolution | New Statesman

The Revolutionary Flow, State By State

Centrist Democrats, here in America, are doing their best to block progressive flow. They are like beavers, not water. They growl for party “unity,” though they might better join the political revolution that’s flowing from coast to coast… if they want to be unified with voters. So far, we have 187 revolutionary candidates running for national office in 2020. See the breakdown below:

Protest Flows Across the Planet

All around the world, people are demonstrating. At first, protests broke out over something specific: a tax, rising prices, a bad election, judicial independence. Hong Kong. France. Chile. Ecuador. Lebanon. Iraq. Spain. The United Kingdom. Bolivia. Brazil.

Then, even in cases where concessions were won, the protests continued to flow — more like an uprising — for greater principles such as economic justice, political freedom, climate action, and to fight corruption.

Background: blue and white water tumbling over rocks. Text: "Joy like a river, from each little creek that flows free... Democracy."
It is rocky. Yet… “Joy like a river, from each little creek that flows free… Democracy.”

Take a look at the following resources. They’ll help fill-in information gaps surrounding the waves of protest that currently flow across our planet.

Do Today’s Global Protests Have Anything in Common? | BBC

Protests Around the World Explained | Amnesty International

What’s Going on in South America? Understanding the Wave of Protests | The Conversation

Welcome to the Global Rebellion Against Neoliberalism | The Nation

As Global Inequality Rises, so Are the Movements Fighting It |

Getting In the Progressive “Flow”

The “flow” experience is known for being highly enjoyable. So relax. STOP resisting.

Stop resisting Trump. Stop resisting Millennials. Stop resisting Bernie Sanders.

Turn off network TV. The political revolution is not being televised. Find some reliable online independent news sources, instead.

Get the Big Picture. Get in the “flow.” Join the Progressive Movement: fight for someone you don’t know. It’s beautiful, and there’s a future in it.

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8 thoughts on “Progressive Movement: Getting In the “Flow”

    1. Sadly, the people who fight necessary change the hardest don’t understand that they make it so much more difficult with their delaying of the inevitable. If we don’t change our suicidal ways the world will do it for us.


  1. On a personal level, as I avoid shopping madly on Black Friday and the ensuing days until Xmas, I believe I am making my own protest statement against corporate greed.


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