Last Standing Progressive Presidential Candidate

A lone tree on the hill

I published “Revolutionary Progressive Candidates 2020: Medicare 4 All & No Corp Money!” on April 30, 2019. Six months later, Bernie Sanders is the last progressive presidential candidate standing. The one and only.

A lone tree on the hill
A lone, beautifully gnarled tree, on the crest of a hill, represents progressive presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. #NoMiddleGround

Presidential Candidates Who Failed to Keep Progressive Standards

Early in the life of the “Revolutionary Progressive Candidates” list, I deleted those who demonstrated collusion with corporate donors (i.e. consultations with Wall Street executives) and/or protected the interests of private healthcare insurance (i.e., did not support single-payer Medicare for All).

I deleted Kirsten Gillibrand and Kamala Harris when I learned those two had consulted with Wall Street before announcing their candidacy for U.S. President. I deleted Elizabeth Warren because she planned to accept corporate money during the General Election, were she nominated. Andrew Yang waffled on single-payer, ultimately deciding to keep a public option. Marianne Williamson also wanted to keep private insurers in the loop, so Americans could have a “choice.” Deleted. All deleted from the list.

Then it became clear that Tulsi Gabbard no longer supported single-payer Medicare for All. She, too, aimed to provide Americans with a healthcare “choice.” However, I couldn’t bare to completely delete her from the list. She got the strike-through treatment, instead. You can still see her original campaign platform on the list, but it’s clear she has been crossed-off.

Presidential Candidates Who Dropped Out of the Race

Two revolutionary progressive presidential candidates dropped out of the race since April: Mike Gravel and Bill de Blasio. They could not meet the polling and/or small donor requirements needed to join the Democratic debates. When Gravel dropped out, he endorsed Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard. De Blasio rushed back to the duties of NYC mayor. Both received the strike-through treatment; for the record, you can still see their campaign platform policies.

Bernie Is the One-And-Only

That leaves one revolutionary progressive candidate for President: Bernie Sanders. He’s alone on the list, except for a few Green Party candidates. None of them are well-known. Most will be eliminated when the Green Party nominates its presidential candidate by convention, in July of 2020. None of the Greens have even a faint chance of winning the General Election.

Effectively, Bernie is the one-and-only, true-blue, progressive presidential candidate of 2020. As Berners on Twitter like to say, #NotAnyBlueWillDo! Indeed, Bernie Sanders’ progressive policies, record, and character set the standard. He is grassroots all the way, accepting no corporate money. As far as single-payer Medicare for All goes, he “wrote the damn bill!”

Bernie has recently received political endorsements from Rep. Ilhan Omar, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rep. Rashida Tlaib, and the California Progressive Alliance.

Be Prepared to Vote in the Primary

Everyone, please make sure you’re registered (as a Democrat, if living in a closed-primary state) to vote for Bernie Sanders in the 2020 Democratic Primary. Voting requirements and dates vary from state to state. Go to to make sure you’re ready and able to nominate Bernie Sanders to represent the Democratic Party and run for U.S. President in the General Election.

Because of voter suppression tactics, investigative reporter Greg Palast would advise you to double-check the status of your voter registration — even if you think you’re registered, even if you voted in the last election! Palast found that “14 million Americans were purged from voter rolls” in 2018, alone.

Progressive State Candidates 2020

Here’s the update on 2020 progressive candidates running for Congress, state by state. So far, there are 154. Please support them as you are best able. Share their social media updates. Talk about them. Make a financial donation to your favorites, any amount will do. These are the men and women who will create a progressive Congress, to support a progressive President, to support our progressive political revolution. #NotMeUs

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5 thoughts on “Last Standing Progressive Presidential Candidate

  1. Iโ€™m still struggling to forgive the people who supported Hillary Clinton in 2016 and kept Bernie off the ballot. This year itโ€™s apparently Joe Biden who will rally the corporate democrats into a blunt weapon to smash in the skull of potential democracy in this country. Iโ€™m praying for Bernie but donโ€™t truly believe in the compassion or wisdom of U.S. citizens.

    People should have hit the streets and demanded trump be impeached, kicked out of office and indicted for treason and various other crimes. And Biden (and a few others) should have been laughed out of the campaign early.

    I hope Bernie gets the nomination but remember, you canโ€™t underestimate the stupidity of the American people. (Yes, I can be mean at times, but the truth can be very ugly).


    1. I hear you. I blame corporate media for promoting the Big Money narrative. I blame mainstream churches for promoting phoney kindness, while preoccupied with numbers and dollars. Many people still assume these institutions are good. But they’re primary misleaders.

      Still, when did you first learn you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover? Or believe everything you hear? Third or fifth grade?

      Yes, it’s absurd that Biden hasn’t been laughed out of the race. Bloomberg knows Biden isn’t going to make it, thus threatening to leap into the fray. (Also laughable.)

      Bernie’s chances are strong. Maybe enough people are “getting” it. HE expects to be President, and his political judgement is laser-sharp. The nation and planet (as we know it) are at stake.

      It is a momentous, pivotal point in time. If Bernie doesn’t win, willfully stupid elders will simply fade away. Young people, and following generations, will suffer greatly.


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