Sanders, With the Bernie Squad at His Back. NYC Rally!

Bernie's Back Rally in NYC

Today is the “Bernie’s Back” rally in New York City at 1:00 PM Eastern. We already know Sen. Bernie Sanders has bounced back from his heart attack. He appeared vital, quick-witted, and charming during the 4th Democratic presidential debate last Tuesday night. Sanders is more than OK. His campaign is surging.

The Bernie Squad

Key figures of the Progressive Movement are coalescing around Bernie Sanders. They’re nicknamed the “Bernie Squad.”

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and filmmaker Michael Moore will officially announce their endorsement of Bernie Sanders for President at the rally today. Rep. Ilhan Omar announced her Sanders endorsement last Tuesday. Rep. Rashida Tlaib is expected to announce her endorsement at an upcoming Sanders rally in Detroit.

Everyone who supports Sanders for President is part of the “Bernie Squad.” If you can’t be at the rally today, don’t feel left out. Watch it on C-Span or online at Bernie Sanders Live.

Bernie's Back Rally in NYC
Be there, or watch live online.

Rep. Ilhan Omar Endorses Bernie Sanders

With signature eloquence, Rep. Ilhan Omar endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders for President earlier this week.

Rep. Ilhan Omar endorses Sen. Bernie Sanders for President.

Sanders Rakes In Millions of Grassroots Bucks

In the last quarter, ending September 30th, Sanders’s campaign outraised his opponents to the tune of $25.3 million. And with $33.7 million on hand, Bernie’s campaign is more flush than those of the other candidates. Every buck contributed to the Sanders campaign, of course, has grassroots origins.

Bernie Sanders is strong and healthy. His campaign coffers are strong and healthy. Biden’s popularity is gradually dropping. Now that Elizabeth Warren has taken the lead, she’s coming under attack.

When it’s Bernie’s turn to take the lead, his opponents will be hard-pressed to find a slanderous attack that sticks — that does not inadvertently boost Bernie’s image. “Too old” is wise and experienced. “Socialist” contrasts nicely with corporate fascism. “Angry” translates into Angry-For-Us, for all of us.

Bernie has a decades-long record, the receipts. He’s fought for everyone: gays, workers, women, and PoC. While cable news networks try to dismiss him as an angry, shouting old white guy, Bernie’s supporters know the true man.

WARNING: Viewing this video may make your eyes tear.

Independent filmmaker Matt Orfalea gets it right in his video, Rising Up. Bernie Sanders is back, and rising.

View the Video-Recorded Rally

If you missed the live event, catch the entire “Bernie’s Back” rally in the video below. Enjoy a scene from the political revolution!

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