Happy Birthday, Bernie Sanders!

Happy Birthday written in the sky, in many different languages, in the shape of a heart, against a brilliant blue sky, nestled in beautiful white clouds.

It’s a day to celebrate the rarest of political leaders. It’s a day to honor a once-in-your-lifetime American politician. Today, September 8th, is Bernie Sanders’ birthday.

78 years of vital vision.

Today, people are donating any dollar amount and 78 cents, like $XX.78. Go to Bernie’s campaign website and hit the “Donate” button.

Happy Birthday, Bernie!

We love you.

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Published by JoAnn Chateau

Website owner and administrator of “Progressive Graffiti.”

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Bernie Sanders!

  1. As I struggle to find suitable health care for my gravely ill mother, I would vote for his ideas as a way to restore my faith in humanity and the restoration of a healthy American Democracy.


  2. I like just about everything Bernie says. I like him too. He is brave. I just do not thing all of his proposals are feasible and cost effective. Same for Sen. Warren. Her planning are refreshing. I am not a naysayer. I am a don’t think it’ll work sayer but I wish I wish it would.


    1. Take heart. Bernie’s plans are very feasible. Other countries have done all these things (except major climate action). Our own FDR pulled the country out of the Great Depression, built a strong American middle class, and saved capitalism — all with the New Deal. However, we do need to combat big money in politics, to stop wealthy corporations from setting the agenda in Congress. That starts by electing candidates who reject corporate funding and favors (Bernie’s political revolution).

      Regarding climate crisis, this is how I see it playing out if we DO NOT spend the $$$ to take serious action… The U.S. and other nations will eventually deplete all their funds trying to deal with worsening climate emergencies, one after another. Then the governments collapse. Unrelenting disease, famine, and anarchy… until the bitter end.


      1. I agree. I would vote for any democrat over “The Chosen One”. Heck, I’d vote for my cat. He doesn’t lie, demand a big pension, play golf all the time, and doesn’t brag. He does lick his own ass and I have to clean his litter box, but the same is true of many politicians.


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