Sanders vs. Media Softball Game — Tonight!

The movie set house for the film "Field of Dreams"

UPDATE 11:00 PM: The Sanders softball game was played as scheduled. But my original link to view the game instead covered an Elizabeth Warren rally in Minnesota. I’m not sure why, but the following article may offer a few clues.

Bernie’s Softball Game vs. Media Sparks Last-Minute Controversy

The game was a good idea… that went awry. Not only that, Bernie’s team, the Revolutionaries, soundly lost.

UPDATE 8:20 PM: Go here to view:

The Bernie Sanders vs Media Softball Game is happening tonight, at the legendary Field of Dreams ball park in Dyersville, Iowa.

Watch the Game Live Online

You may watch the game online. Pre-game programming is streaming now. The game begins at 8:00 PM Eastern. Enjoy!

Dreaming of President Sanders

Dyersville, Iowa is home to the “Field of Dreams” movie set. Its a hot spot for tourists of the heartland, and today, for political junkies… who are dreaming of a President Sanders.

The movie set house for the film "Field of Dreams"
The “Field of Dreams” movie set house in Dyersville, Iowa.

Speaking of Another Competition…

The “Revolutionary Progressive Candidates 2020” list is filling in. Follow the link, and then check out the states you’re interested in. Many wonderful progressive candidates are stepping up to the plate in 2020.

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