Marianne Williamson for President: A Bold Progressive Platform

Marianne Williamson announces her bid for the 2020 Presidency

Marianne Williamson… I viewed the formal announcement of her candidacy for the Democratic nomination for President. I contributed to her campaign. Then I set my oven timer to 22 minutes, and meditated.

Here’s the video. Watch it. See what YOU do.

Can Williamson Surpass Sanders?

Anyone who knows me or reads my blog is aware that I love Bernie Sanders. Don’t worry, I still admire and support every wonderful thing Bernie does for the nation and our democracy. But now, I also entertain visions of President Williamson and Vice President Sanders. Or vice-versa.

Like Sanders, Marianne Williamson is a bold, policy-driven Progressive. You may go to Williamson’s campaign website and see exactly where she stands on the issues. Nothing is vague or fuzzy. Williamson is unafraid to publicly declare her Progressive political platform in detail. Of particular interest are her policies on the following issues:

  • Child Advocacy
  • Peace-Based National Security
  • Native American Justice
  • Racial Reconciliation & Healing

You may compare Williamson’s platform to other Presidential hopefuls on my new 2020 Progressive Candidates page.

By the way, the Williamson website is a thing of beauty. It’s elegant, functional, and logically organized — perfectly reflecting Marianne, herself. I don’t know who designed it, but it’s probably the best campaign website I’ve seen. (And I’ve looked at thousands.)

Williamson’s latest book is A Politics of Love: Handbook for a New American Revolution. The hardcover edition releases April 23, 2019.

Disclosure: Now that Amazon pays it’s warehouse workers a fair wage, I’m a proud Amazon Associate, and could earn a few pennies — if you purchase a book from one of my links. Thanks.

Wait Until the Debates!

Marianne Williamson has never held an elected office, yet we may be hopeful that she’ll make it to the Democratic Primary Debates. DNC Chairman Tom Perez says the new debate rules are “committed to a low qualifying threshold for early debates to avoid blocking legitimate candidates.” The attainment of certain levels for both national polling AND grassroots funding are prerequisites.

So picture a woman speaking from the Democratic Debate stage — who has 35 years of experience as an international lecturer. Imagine a woman who fluently bridges the boundaries of psychology, spirituality, and activism — with well-researched facts and logic. Envision a woman who will galvanize every protective, nurturing, mothering woman in America (and men with ears) — with a mission for child advocacy and saving the world. You are seeing Marianne Williamson.

You may catch Marianne’s riveting address to American women, and women around the world, in the video below. But I must issue a warning: You’ll want to watch it more than once!

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18 thoughts on “Marianne Williamson for President: A Bold Progressive Platform

  1. You really know the way to present information. I really didn’t think much at all about this campaign. Now, with the info you gave us in this entry, I know more, and am looking forward to hearing more from her regarding all of this. Thanks, JoAnn!


  2. It would be great to have an amazing person like Marianne Williamson leading the country, but we’re too barbaric. The plague of capitalism has poisoned too many minds. We need a serious change in awareness, on a deep level, before someone like her could win an election. We need fear and greed greatly reduced and compassion to become an integral part of our social system. It’s a beautiful idea, though. 😎


  3. I’ll have to review her policies. My number ONE choice will have to advocate moving to rid Congress and the Presidency of corporate/private money once and for all, and that would include permanently destroying the revolving door and banning all super-pacs and corporate/private political ads. Public financing should be instituted and networks would have to serve the public with honesty by re-implementing the Fairness Doctrine.

    Yes, that’s a tall order, but some progress must be made in that direction if we are ever to regain our republic and avoid the rising theological oligarchy.


    1. Amen, Max. Williamson may have missed some of your requirements, such as slamming the revolving door — but maybe that just fell through the cracks for now. I know she wants publicly-funded elections. And she slams the corporate takeover of our government in her speeches. For a quick snapshot of her platform, go to But if you study Williamson’s website, I think you’ll find it interesting.

      What do you think of H.R.1 For the People Act?


  4. I watched one interview with her and was impressed. What struck me most was when she said nobody questions 50+ billion for a war across the world, but we can’t have healthcare and education for all.


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