In the Midst of a Progressive Blue Wave

The Blue Wave

Congress hangs in the balance — everyone will be watching election results on November 6th! Progressives have an opportunity to join independent news outlets Democracy Now! or The Young Turks to follow live election results online. There will be no mind-bending. Neither of these networks will pretend we are not in the midst of a Progressive Blue Wave!

Not just a Blue Wave. A Progressive Blue Wave.

Until then, remember to share the 2018 Progressive Candidate list with anyone who may be interested. Like…

  • New voters
  • Independent voters
  • Potential non-voters
  • Disappointed Trump voters
  • Voters disgusted with violence and prejudice
  • Other progressive voters

Over 370 Progressive candidates throughout the United States won their primaries, and are running in the 2018 Midterm Election. Most of them are Democrats. When you add the Greens and Independents, there are nearly 500 Progressives up for the vote next Tuesday. All of them take a strong stand on one or both of the following priorities:

  • Big Money out of politics
  • Medicare for All (single payer)

In addition, there are multitudinous Democratic candidates whose campaign websites don’t clearly spell out a stance on “Money in Politics” or “Single Payer Healthcare” — but do boldly proclaim other Progressive values, such as a $15 minimum wage, or climate action, or free college tuition. They didn’t meet the criteria for my list, but they’re certainly leaning Left.

There are tons of Progressive and Left-Leaning Democrats in the race.

Bernie Sander’s efforts to pull the Democratic Party to the Left are working. While you don’t see evidence of that in the current party leadership, which hasn’t changed much, you see evidence in the hundreds of Progressive candidates running in 2018, many of whom refuse corporate PAC contributions.

Embrace the Progressive Blue Wave, vote, and elect a Progressive Congress in 2018.

Then hang on for 2020. It will be the Progressive Blue Tsunami. There will be thousands of Progressive candidates running for office in 2020.

2018 is exciting… and wait for 2020!

Published by JoAnn Chateau

Website owner and administrator of “Progressive Graffiti.”

4 thoughts on “In the Midst of a Progressive Blue Wave

    1. My pleasure, Rosaliene. Fingers crossed. There are sure to be some painful losses, but also some important wins. We’re at least guaranteed 2 Progressives for the House: Alexandria Occasio-Cortez of NY (her district is Democratic, winning primary was the hard part) and Rashida Tlaib of MI (her Rep opponent didn’t file paperwork correctly, and is out of race). They are both Progressive powerhouses.


    1. Absolutely right. I’m not overly confident. I just don’t think people realize how strong the Progressive Movement has grown. I’m trying to stress the number of worthy candidates running for office these days (to combat the attitude some have, that all politicians are “crooks,” so why bother voting.) Never-the-less, they certainly won’t get elected if people don’t vote.


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