Where Does Standing Rock Stand?

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What is happening with the Standing Rock Water Protectors in North Dakota? Since the last protesters were rounded up at the end of February, we’ve heard little about saving Native American sacred treaty lands, or protecting clean water for millions of creatures, or preserving human rights (which I am all for; my best friend is human).

The Black Snake & End Times

Ancient Hopi & Lakota Prophecies warned of “The Black Snake” trying to cross their rivers. If “The Black Snake” succeeds, it marks the end of the world. It may be selfish, but I’m glad we canines have shorter life spans than humans–because end times will be terrible.

I’m no sissy, I fear no natural snake, but I am afraid of “The Black Snake.” Any sensible person would be.

Right now, in our modern days, Standing Rock Water Protectors are trying to stop “The Black Snake,” AKA the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), from crossing the Missouri River–which is a really big aquifer. (An aquifer is how God and Nature store water for crops and everyone to drink.)

Only Weapons of Peace

Standing Rock protesters rely only on weapons of peace. No violence!

While standing their ground for over a year, they prayed, sang and danced. Indigenous people from all around the world joined them. So did social activists and environmentalists. And buffalo. And artists–like the dancers in the video below, who are astonishing…!

“We decided to make this video to show our support for everyone at Standing Rock and all those who are fighting for the cause. Know that your voices and actions are reaching all around the world. We hope this video will not only bring about awareness but unite us to stand together for what’s right to protect our Mother Earth (Gaia) in making our world a better place. Injustice anywhere threatens justice everywhere.” ~ The Lor Brothers

But the opposition was not as nice. They used rubber bullets, pepper spray, and deafening sirens to beat back the protesters. They even used attack dogs (who grew up in bad environments with crazy propaganda) to scare and hurt the Water Protectors.

When U.S. Veterans saw that dogs were being brainwashed, they knew they had to restore sanity. They planned to form a human shield for the Water Protectors on December 4, 2016. But as soon as President Obama saw he was backed by highly influential Americans (Vets are human heroes), he ordered DAPL to stop.

But then we got a new President who only cares about money. (And he doesn’t allow dogs in the White House.) This guy said DAPL could go ahead. Grrrrrrrrr! The Water Protectors were threatened with trespassing. They had to leave Standing Rock. The Bureau of Indian Affairs and the police rounded up lingering protesters and sent them away. Grrrrrrrrr!

Forced to leave Standing Rock, the Sioux Nation is now trying to use judicial law to stop “The Black Snake.” The ACLU is helping them! The new President doesn’t understand much about law, so this legal battle against DAPL might work!

But protests and demonstrations are far from over. On March 7, 2017, indigenous rights activists gathered at the Washington Monument in D.C. to stand against the Dakota Access Pipeline. And people all around the world are still divesting their money from banks that support DAPL.

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